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@qaltfi Mind sending us a DM with more details about what you're building?
@66noting66 You may be interested in Atlas, which allows you to incorporate your business in the US and open a US S…
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@VanTheBrand 👋 We can help! Mind sending us a DM with more details about what you're building?
@Jae__Davis Sorry for the trouble. We're looking into this now, and we'll send a reply to your email soon with an update.
RT @stripe: Hundreds of thousands of founders in 130+ countries have used Stripe to start and grow their businesses. We’ve collected some o…
@prvvf Sure thing! Feel free to send us a DM.
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@W1nt3rh3art3d No updates, sadly. We're unable to support businesses in Ukraine right now:
RT @techstars: Techstars Global Startup Weekend & @atlas are teaming up to help founders start & scale their businesses…
@mj_langford Ah, thanks! We're working on fixing this now.
The Stripe Atlas guide to equity for founders:
Stripe Atlas now helps you issue stock to founders. Learn more:
RT @surveysparrow: Here's how SurveySparrow, #saas #startup registered as a US entity with @stripe @atlas. For u startup enthusiasts - http…
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Our new guide on how to scrappily get your first 10 customers:
Learn how bookkeeping, taxes, and other mechanics work in our guides to running an internet business:
@wamdigi We'd love to hear more about what you're building. Would you send us a DM?
RT @rtCamp: Here is how @Stripe @Atlas helped rtCamp start a US subsidiary!
@talehkarimli Could you shoot us a DM with a bit more detail on what you're building?

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