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Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you." - Arnold Palmer
At Sports will be broadcasting The PBL entry draft in Chicago on Thursday, 10.28 8:00 pm @US Cellular Field for more information
Download "DON'T TEXT ME" available for free in the iPHONE store,
RT @OperationSLives: "Texting while driving....go together like chocolate and sauerkraut."
dance team for the Rochester RazorSharks, will hold auditions Sunday, Oct. 24 contact
RT @LeadToday: When we talk down to someone it makes it very hard for them to hear what we're saying.
D-League to Adopt Rule Changes Similar to FIBA, NBA Could Follow Suit via @AOL
Premier Basketball League and Brandthink
RT @JoyVBehar: How could Christine O'Donnell not believe we came from apes? Has she never seen "Jersey Shore?"
RT @JimGaffigan: The baseball cap is the official hat of the unshowered.
RT @denisleary: Christine O'Donnell: Evolution is a myth. Maybe in your case it is.
RT @denisleary: Christine O'Connell claims govt is making mice with human brains. Can't she just put a spell on them?
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Get your high school team on tv, download is free at
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Want to see your high school team on tv? Download your video at, it's free
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