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Hello world!
odd marriage proposals
people will pay for sex but not love
dating rules
does facebook hurt relationships?
happy men are not as desirable?
The Future of Social-Loco Investing PtI #SocioLoco
Vinod Khosla, Founder Khosla Ventures, Energy Transformation #TIECon
When Life deals you lemons … an apology for my absence from blog-land: I may be a yin-yang astrologer, but that ...
Joyce Chung, Managing Director Garage Technology Ventures, Looking for the Next Big Thing!
imagine if online became offline relationships????
Mashup TIE Conference 2011 #TIECon
Prashant Shah, TIE Angels, Questions for Entrepreneurs
Social-Loco Conference 2011 Mashup #Socioloco
Marissa Mayer, Google, Advice for Female Entrepreneurs & How to deal with Failure
Clara Shih, Hear Say Social, Advice for Women on Social Media
to lie or not to lie online
Giovanna Forte, MD Funnelly Enough UK, Make Sure You Raise Enough Money
Patricia Nakache, General Partner Trinity Ventures, Investing in the Woman’s Web
Founders Conference: Investors Panel

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