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@EtsyStalker lol.. The best kind! :)
@EtsyStalker what kind of puppies are they?
@GlitterfulFelt pizza... chicken sounds good too
@CorinnaBechko @_tractorgirl_ I love it when science, nature and art all come together
@boxhounds That is awesome! Sounds like they are good people to work with. Good luck :)
@MyBackyardLab Glad to hear you enjoy your chickens, my kids are very excited by the idea.
Very cool crochet petri dish! RT @_tractorgirl_ Fresh on the blog - moldy fabric [it's prettier than you think] :
Good advice... RT @DrJeffersnBoggs How to Speak More Strategically - (HarvardBiz)
Anyone out there raising chickens in the backyard? We are considering giving it a try. #urbanfarm #chickens
@boxhounds What a great compliment that your former bosses are trying to recruit you.
This has been a beautiful day in the PWN!
My son just sent his phone through the wash. Luckily it still works :)
@PeachyPics @Nasa Great picture! What an cool thing to see.
winter is not over yet! by Georgia Meroni via @Etsy
Cool Finds Handmade Christmas Gifts under $25.00 by BlingThings2011 via @Etsy
New listing! Beautiful Snowflake Ornament in with Faceted Labradorite by AsteropeBC via @Etsy
A collection of handmade treasures... First Snowflakes of the Season by mysticwynd via @Etsy
I love winter squash, especially with black pepper and bacon!
Great gift - XL Grandma Sweatshirt HugsStoriesKisses by MomWillLoveIt via @Etsy
@MomWillLoveIt It's good to hear someone has some good news - congratulations on the job!

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