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@SHANIALASHAEE I noticed your tweet. What made you feel this way? Tell us more about your experience without sharin… https://t.co/g0K2MsbAlF
@Willy96_15 Send us a DM with more details about your situation (no acct numbers), along with your full name, phone… https://t.co/wPMcvSvskz
@2TWEETRNOT2 Hi there, you can send us a direct message by clicking the link on this tweet. Tell us how we can assi… https://t.co/iIDQK0BCbK
@huskychemist You're welcome, Lowell! ^IM
@huskychemist Hi Lowell, it's best to speak with one of our bankers to learn more about the fees. Please call 1-800… https://t.co/co7Fk1eLXk
@YBAHAWK I can see you are unhappy about a $7.50 fee, Josh. Let me look into the situation and try to help. Pls DM… https://t.co/Y6EbXtNn0M
@LucyBooty7 Hi there. I've responded to your DM. Thanks. ^HE
@jackienumber3 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This appears to be a potential phishing scam. Please forw… https://t.co/KXShBWdA4C
@NASEERRRRR3 Can you please tell me more details about what happened (no account number)? ^HE
@Aggiessobad Did you resolve the reason for your call? If further help is needed, let us know. ^HE
@MorganSmithh I can look into this for you. Please DM us your full name, address, and phone number. For immediate a… https://t.co/8PBeAxEUWj
@LitDoc1906 I appreciate you visiting the branch today. ^HE
@SturgeMuffin I'd like a chance to help. Please DM us your full name, address, and phone number. ^HE https://t.co/q1oBDuYAdh
@Tango1088 Hi there, I saw your tweet. Please tell me what's going on, Spence (no account number). ^NC https://t.co/q1oBDuYAdh
@feryalkamiIya Sorry to hear this. Do you have any location suggestion? We'd love to hear from you. ^HE
@carderc50 Hi there. In a direct message, please tell me more about your concern (no account number). I'd like to l… https://t.co/XgqnTnytK6
@TheMeleeChamp I'd like to know more about the reason you called us today. Please tell me what happened and I'll review the situation. ^HE
@imchett We appreciate the check-in. Enjoy your day! ^HE
@YuriyATL404 I’ve received and replied to your DM. For your privacy and security, I’ll continue our communication t… https://t.co/irEJghuZm3
@mwspony I see the frustration, Mark. Send us a DM and tell us some more details about what happened (no account nu… https://t.co/KxboheQtAC

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