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@lifanovsky На форум зашёл. Огромное спасибо. Фёдор
@lifanovsky "You can only send direct messages to users who follow you." Другой способ есть: вышлите мне произвольный пароль директом, SVP
@lifanovsky Письмо приходит исправно. Кликаю на линк в нём форум думает и выдаёт The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable
@lifanovsky У Вас на Форуме "Классика" не работает восстановление пароля. А очень бы хотелось продолжать общаться. Мой логин "Фёдор". Спасиб
How much does your LIFE cost?
RT @tweetmeme Landing Page Makeover Clinic #14: — Copyblogger
Arm swing motion as means of authentication:
Anybody knows what happened between Sun and IBM? ;)
@BusinessWire One or two days.
We offer coupon for FREE anti-crisis marketing consultation @ #twtqpon
Working on important white paper. Please DND.
Is the ability to turn on a dime a key to success in current economy?
@tweepl Join us - sushimaniacs. Change your life forever!
Free market economy: everything should be for free, right? 8-)
Helped to solve a problem. Good start for a day.
Anti-Crisis Marketing initiative is growing!
Letting people know about Anti-Crisis Marketing Initiative
Completed on-line technology review
Thinking about free marketing services...
Olegue, call me ASAP, we have another request.

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