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@mycuentame - @miACLU #EstamosUnidos crew is in #Arizona Tues/Wed in solidarity! #sb1070 FB #fotos
My main Twitter space is now @Sherbeam but everything else remains the same.
You can find / follow me @AndaPR. See you there.
Ins. Co's encourage employees to revoke health coverage - can cancel policies even if the person was not aware of illness
California ranks #1 among states doing the most to wean residents off oil, according to the NRDC report.
RT @cleaner_energy: Barriers to renewable energy development - Jakarta Post
Attending the "Creating a Successful Fundraising Culture" program. Hope to learn how to boost board effectiveness and fundraising.
GEICO Pulls Ads from Glenn Beck Show! Joined by, Progressive Insurance, Procter & Gamble, and SC Johnson. #fb

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