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We discover what would happen if paintings could text:
10 things you might not know about J.D. Salinger:
February is nearly here! Don't miss our list of the best ways to spend your month:
AnOther (screen test) Friday Loves:
Check out @DavidLuraschi's fantastical take on Schiaparelli's couture collection:
Happy 85th birthday to the one and only Gene Hackman! Here as a go-carting Royal Tenenbaum:
Finally – a jellyfish disco under UV lights. Thanks for following #AnOtherLoves underwater life! See you next week!
The Hipocampus seahorse is a magnificent thing indeed. #AnOtherLoves underwater life
When jellyfish mirror egg yolks... #AnOtherLoves underwater life
A fish Pride parade? #AnOtherLoves underwater life
Pets don’t get much prettier than this blue dragon mollusk. #AnOtherLoves underwater life
The winning jellyfish planter – best idea ever? #AnOtherLoves underwater life
A jellyfish planter by Cathy van Hoang is this week's Most Loved. Stay tuned for the live #AnOtherLoves stream!
From Ballen and Blake to Malevich, we take a look at the artists that inspired A/W15 menswear:
French mosaic master Invader went on a street art safari, and the results are amazing:
Brilliant illustrations around everyday objects to brighten up your day!
To mark @FashionTextile's new exhibition, we consider Thea Porter, doyenne of bohemian chic:
A Tom Selleck #TBT in honour of his birthday!
Photographer @davidluraschi brings us his interpretation of the @Dior couture collection:

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