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RT @kaushkrahul: Here, @AntarikshG shares how he's amazed that for the first time, people are wearing helmets in his hometown Aligarh. http…
How to make a phony call to yourself from your browser? -
Internet privacy laws for the ISPs are being changed in the US -
Not a flyer. A goon. He can be security risk.
RT @SKS_Mumbai: Think: Muslim boy in love is reaching out to this Hindu girl, ignoring taboos of his religion, but this communal girl repor…
So, there might be an AI apocalypse -
RT @sgurumurthy: Yogis sister was cutting grass when she heard he had become.CM. She contimued her job.
RT @OpIndia_com: NEW: Mamata shutting schools, Yogi shutting slaughterhouses. Guess which one media cares about? by…
LOL! Love how creative these guys are.
@VikasSaraswat Yes, we don't see our press continuously poking its nose in Britain's internal politics. @mihirssharma
@BDUTT Dear Barkha, do you really have no grip of the ground reality?
@ABeautifulDawn Well, he is the one who should have been sued by now. If he isn't already.
Does this mean out-of-court settlement would be possible if there were no Modi-Yogi raj? Yeah, right.
Just banned by the airlines? That ass hole should have gotten a good thrashing from the crew
@VikasSaraswat But why the proverbial "F" is Guardian perpetually interested in our internal politics? @mihirssharma
@Airtel_Presence Thank you Jyoti. This is just to confirm that I got a call from you and you told me the plans have been internally changed
What I don't understand is, if all sorts of goons can take up "Kshaatra" role, why not a Yogi?
This is misleading: 500 MB during day and the other 500 MB between 3AM-5AM. Customers should be told about this…
@Airtel_Presence To stop me from porting your executive called and said they have a 1GB/day offer. Didn't tell me its 500 MB during day
Yes, the idea of India has been saved and so has been the Ganga-Jamuni, meat-curry-drenched tehzeeb.

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