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@lstillman65 Oh no, Lori. That's not at all how we planned for your trip to go today. We're so sorry.
@maamzies We don't want you to have that impression of us. How can we help you today?
@drazzle5 No one likes delays especially us, Daniel, we're very sorry. What's your flight number?
@ryanbbabenzien Miami had terrible weather which caused lots of delays and backups. We see you arrived now and we're sorry for the delay.
@ryannshit We're sorry for the delay, Ryan. We're showing a departure time of 7:43p.
@Pontoonfloat We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We're always here if you need our help.
@WStaton85 We'd like to help if you want us to. We just need you to DM your flight details and we'll be glad to take a look.
@Pives We're having Air Traffic Control delays at MIA now and we're having to reduce some of the flying to get schedules back on track.
@bradleycfox We're looking into this for you and will DM your details.
@MaryKRosen We're showing a departure time of 8:13p. We'll have you on your way very soon.
@krissyaskins You should be able to get priority boarding privileges at the airports this is available, Krissy.
@DevNicole25 We see that you're on your way, Devonna. Enjoy the flight and have a great weekend.
@OliverCMeek If the bags made it ahead of you, we'll hold them at Baggage Service.
@giveemhelterman We'll have you wheels up shortly. Enjoy the flight.
@HeatherFaison We're happy we could help, Heather! Tweet us anytime we've got your back.
@dutchkohler Reservations can be reached at 800-433-7300. When an agent comes on the line, tell them you'd like to speak to a supervisor.
@dbombadillo We know it's frustrating having to be asked to check a bag you've carried on before. We appreciate your cooperation.
@bellneill Bad weather has caused many flights to be delayed. We'll have you at a gate as soon as one becomes available.
@courtneycyarkin Please follow and DM your record locator. We'll take a look to see what's available.
@TonyaGreer We'd like to hear more details, Tonya. Please DM your record locator.

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