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@davetrendler Please remain on the line, but also DM your locator. We're having high volume here too, but we'll look as soon as we can.
@nicoleehoff For privacy, please DM us your original locator, ticket number or AA flight number and date.
@davetrendler We do take customer service seriously both online and offline. We sincerely appreciate your continued patience.
@dganfield We're sorry for your disappointment with Customer Relations decision, Dustin.
@luisgzas See more info about transferring miles between accounts here:
@katemarkgraf We know it's no fun to hold. Our team's answering calls as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.
@davetrendler We have higher than normal volume this evening due to ATC delays. Thanks for your patience.
@luisgzas Are you wanting to use your miles and let someone else travel or are they short miles and they need a few to complete the award?
@kevinpopovic Thanks for sharing, Kevin. It's a busy night in the skies.
@nicoleehoff Nicole, we're not seeing a reservation under that name. Are you flying on American?
@jolutow Our team will be with you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.
@nicoleehoff How does the name appear on your reservation?
@samwollner Thanks for hanging in there with us today. Our sincere apologies for the interruptions in your travel.
@djlael We're sorry to hear you feel this way, David. What's wrong?
@nicoleehoff What's your departure city, Nicole?
@hunnerwoof That's a grand view alright! Thanks for sharing.
@sandersdeidra We've received your DM and will be with you as soon as we can.
@luisgzas Yes you can. It's done online for a charge. Prior to doing that, reach out to our AAdvantage department for all your options.
@barstoolbigcat Please follow and DM your locator. We'll take a look as soon as we're able.
@nicoleehoff from there. (2/2)

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