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@Melisuh We're sorry for any misinformation, Mel.
@DJEckert Oh no, DJ. Have you made it to the airport for your flight?
@jdstewey What do you mean, John? What happened?
@JQV_24 You're very welcome, Jackie!
@lilianaic Please see an agent at the AUS Baggage Service Office for assistance, Lili.
@ewhsbaseball There will be lunch service on flight 695 in First Class available to Phoenix!
@AliRZee We'll see you on board tomorrow, Ali!
@ChrisCjmassey23 Chris, we're sorry for the involuntary call disconnection. Please try our UK number: +44 (0)207 660 2300.
@JohnGlennPhx We're working to complete the integration as quickly as we can. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
@Dstella We're renewing our planes as fast as we can, David. See more info here:
@diyaj Volunteers with flexible travel plans will always be asked for first, AJ. We see flight 3049 has departed.
@gisetundis Queremos que el vuelo salga lo antes posible Elvira. El vuelo está programado para salir a las 5:30a. Agradecemos tu paciencia.
@jonag02 That's an idea, Jon! Thanks for the feedback. #warmup
@Brandon_NJ We're so sorry you're having trouble getting through. Have you tried to booking it online?
@davideogold You're welcome!
@mckenna_waller We're glad you're enjoying the tunes, McKenna!
@mmaskaly We're glad that you're on your way, Michelle. Have a good weekend.
@thelionsong You're welcome, Kevin.
@admasnek We'll need a flight number to check on that for you, Alan. Let us know!
@WynMaling We're very sorry for any lost time, Wyn.

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