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@ShaniaTwain He is so cute and lovable! Beautiful view!
I will never ever step foot in this store again!!! My landlord purchased a refrigerator on 10/26/17 and it was sch…
@britneyspears Some days it feels great to be a kid again with no stress. Painting is a great stress reliever. It looks great!
@britneyspears Wow! You look amazing and your house is spectacular!
@xComeCorrect @rihanna Yes, me too!
@danieldaekim I love oysters! The best are in New Orleans where I am from.
@danieldaekim Amazing talent! I always loved working with you on Hawaii 5 O. You will be missed! I look forward…
@britneyspears That is adorable!
@britneyspears Wow! That takes lots of amazing talent!
@ObbaBabatunde Love it!
@danieldaekim That is because you look so hot in the spotlight!
@danieldaekim Lucky dog! It's beautiful there!
@britneyspears You are so cute! Your house is beautiful and you are too! How is your niece doing? Hugs from one cajun to another!
Playboy Models Claim Implants Caused Health Problems
@britneyspears Amazing muscle tone!
@britneyspears There's no other pleasure like watching your boys enjoy their day! Beautiful
Remember Malachi Batty
@britneyspears I love the peach dress with tan heels instead of black ones.
@ShaniaTwain Wow! Hope you have some snow boots with you!

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