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RT @Scubadviser: Explore a shipwreck in REAL TIME: Underwater project lets you watch live as scientists navigate a sunken warship ~ http://…
With the latest shark attack, surfers are blaming fisherman. Thoughts?
RT @DianeN56 32s Photographer captures stunning images of rare loggerhead turtle during dive in Bahamas
We hope you all had a safe and Happy 4th (here in USA). Thank you to all the new followers over the Holiday weekend!
To everyone along the East coast, be smart and be careful...and post pics/videos :)
If you could keep only one marine product, what would it be?
Do you ever walk past a mud puddle and think, just for a split second, "I wonder if there are fish in there", or is that just me? :D
@CanuckBassin These are the times that memories are made, and the foundation of our marine future strengthens! Thanks for sharing!
Good drizzly morning! Getting a nice break from HOT weather and some much needed rain. I guess that means a boring office day today :)
Amazing pics jumping into huge waves:
We are in search of bloggers to blog anything marine related as often as you would like. If interested, send us a DM. Please share w/others.
Good Happy Thursday! We would like to thank all of our new followers on FB and Twitter.
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers. We hope everyone had a great weekend on the water!
RT @AM_Nicholas: So proud!! #38thvoyage
Good beautiful morning and start to the weekend! Be safe and tight lines out in the water.
Welcome to all our new members. We look forward to engaging with you. Until then, stay safe and tight lines!
The third "rare" fish caught in about a month: Question: Are they "rare" or are we just learning and searching more?
RT @wbir 15 pound largemouth bass doesn't count for state record. FIND OUT WHY:
Katharine the shark has pinged again. Check out the distance traveled!

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