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@ElleJayCee_ that's what everyone was saying. It was great for watering plants
@andrescruz you're the first person tweeting about it that I've seen. I was going to start it but maybe not now.
@ElleJayCee_ people in eagle rock literally went out with buckets to collect water from a pipe a few weeks back.
@Adrian_Charlie that means live-tweeting!
Baked panko crusted chicken with broccoli and couscous. #dinner
This bee is smart enough to survive the pesticide plague but too dumb to exit out of any of the four windows left open
There is a bee in my car 😡
If a cat saloon is one of the last things I watch before the world ends, I'd be ok with that #lastweektonight
@brendamoffitt Kleenex ultra Soft. Best tissues for allergy outbreaks.
Watching the Kardashians and if I were Kylie, I'd be counting down the days until I can get away from Kris too.
@ElleJayCee_ I always want to see them but they never look good. Except today. I just saw mine. For the few pics I got, I looked ok
@ElleJayCee_ we don't look that cute
@ShadyTracey when do they not?
@ElleJayCee_ @brownamatthew lessened learned... Don't throw out my burrito!
@Pishogue I am the check writer in the cash only line
@valaxie you look adorable!
Thank goodness I recorded #lagalaxy game so I can see the first 32 minutes I missed trying to get into the parking lot. #LAvSKC
@ElleJayCee_ tell us more about the burrito incident
@wetsjg @LAGalaxy not even real traffic! Traffic created by a messy parking situation

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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