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Heads up: never lost an @axs ticket on @StubHub via barcode. They will void your tickets even if you cancel your listings.
RT @LeanderAlphabet: In six caps, Bobby Wood has yet to do a single thing to suggest to me that he belongs on the U.S. national team. #wood…
Oops, wearing the wrong jersey. I'm just gonna go put my PJs back on then.
I'm also pretty sure Jurgen is the last person left on the Wood train.
Has Brek learned how to play since the last friendly?
@OsoFreshFutbol oh boo. I guess I'm gonna have to find some energy to get there
I've got one 3rd row center seat for Mulaney, Sarah Silverman, Conan, Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll. I'm sick and can't go. $70
@yayponies this was almost certainly the last time
.@OsoFreshFutbol @Uber_LA lyft may be more $$ but their service is better, drivers reliable, & i don't get yelled at for requesting a ride.
@OsoFreshFutbol @Uber_LA the second driver wanted to know if I was going more than 3 miles before he started driving to me
Great job @Uber @Uber_LA. First driver started the ride before picking me up but never picked me up. 2nd demanded a city before pick up.
Pretty sure I just went to the hospital for a migraine like I have money to burn.
please please pick me @FLOOD_magazine, send me to #AIRSTYLELA! @airandstyle
RT @soccergods: Stevie G with a shoutout to his future employers. Shot should be landing in Los Angeles around ... Thursday.…
@OsoFreshFutbol I might be. I have to throw a party this weekend, but if I come in under budget, I'd be down.
RT @shefinds: 💁 Via @charlottecolman. #truth
@OsoFreshFutbol how cheap? Is it a broken one that I'll need to fix?
@WhompThereItIs It was too late. THe show had already started when i saw :( And to top it off, it was a few block's from my dude's place

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