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@jrkumor I was going to say "how are your not at that rad pizza joint on that corner!" Then I realized that's Somerville
There is some crayola action going on here
@ItsASmallGirl good luck!
Me, right now: Violent Femmes - Waiting For the Bus via @youtube
Looks like someone just got their purse stolen near the Fresh and Easy :(
@ShadyTracey like 1 or two i think
@ShadyTracey How late are you going to be in DTLA?
@InDieRoq totally adding to that
@wornwhite :( *hugs*
@OsoFreshFutbol I visibly flinched when i heard that phrase. Can he be more tone deaf?
Only heard the last 3 question of that conference and wow was that cringeworthy
@AdrianAmler @ACBrigade I've got you if you still need one
RT @THR: Broadway's 'Love Letters,' Hollywood's 'Boyhood' and the Many Ways of Depicting the Passage of Time Through Art…
I can't wait for the That Table crew to step up our buffet game. Next stop: Primm, Nevada.
@anHedonismBot yessssssss
@OsoFreshFutbol @LeslieJ_ @brownamatthew well, I'll definitely be there early enough this week to make my pinata
@InDieRoq @The_FilmFatale @PalaceParker hope y'all are almost here. I'm starving
@1morequietnight it is! I ended up skipping work because I was able to sleep well for the first time in a week. It's amazing.
Slept a total of 14 hours. I didn't realize how draining the heat has been.
@LeslieJ_ @brownamatthew ill be elbowing some kids out of the way at the pinata booth.

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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