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@adra21 I have a friend who sells, but that feels weird. I need a big magnet to sell it.
@adra21 exactly! I think I want to sell them, instead they end up in a pile of old phones.
@adra21 I have like 3 of them! I feel weird tossing them, but do they really have uses?
@5thandspring ha! Mini medicine cabinet
@5thandspring what do you use them for? I don't want to toss them but I can't find a use
Do you guys throw away all your old iPhone boxes?
@valaxie @galacticla The worst! I once had to tweet "let me in!" because they weren't responding to my texts that I was waiting outside
Working above a Chipotle has its perks. I save $$$ because I hate Chipotle. 🤑
Woke up at 8. Hung out around the house/watched tv. At work by 9am. 😻
Silly me for thinking pressing play on @MLS Live would actually play mot require me to press play 3 more times.
Was that a Cal Worthington Ford commercial during the CCL commercial break right now?!
@Tomhirth it was delicious!
But what was on Osvaldo Martinez's shin guard? #CCL
@Tomhirth pulling off both!
RT @SonjaMissio: Legit awesome that @allison actually has this handle. And it's legit awesome that she backed @UnusualEfforts too! https://…
I am really excited about mid-week soccer, but I'm also really excited about Sizzler's all you can eat shrimp. Which do I choose?
@jguesman it does! And it came with a branded teddy bear then. Absolutely spent my paycheck on it... Then lost it in a move
@jguesman I got a taste of Burberry perfume in college. Absolutely the wrong moment in life to discover it.
Where did I hear "How Deep is Your Love" this weekend?
@ieko1224 I think I might try that, because ew ew ew

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