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Grossness: the water in my apt is still too hot to drink.
@kevinjk oof. Did Cold Cave open too?
My apt won't cool down. I'm considering renting a room at the motel down the street just for the AC
@kevinjk how long was the set? I realized I don't really know much soundgarden
@teddyzep I've been in EDC traffic and gone further in a shorter amount of time. This is like Coachella day 1, 4 years ago status.
@InDieRoq @PalaceParker Ciros right next to El Tepeyac. Also, my favorite home town place, Ordonez. But yeah this is how wars begin
@InDieRoq GHaha yeah, I was on my way recently as well but the same thing happened.
@InDieRoq there is one in glassell park that has my namesake. I've heard great things about it. Adventure?
You can't call it a breakfast burrito if you leave both ends of the tortilla open. Fold it up!
@MrjSykes based on the crowd, it could also be everyone hung over from celebrating
There was no traffic and the office is empty and dark. Did I miss the apocalypse?
I seriously can't get one of the nice service workers? When I didn't follow his first question he yelled at me :(
@noahphex stupid "special event" price hike
@HLP90042 Totally. I parked about half the distance between ER and the Bowl away on top of it
Not bad for arriving in the 55' about 7 rows back #lagalaxy #manu #latraffic
Made it! An hour 45 and 2 miles later (at @RoseBowlStadium w/ @albertsheen)
An hour and 20 later and we are close enough to see the parking rates sign! #lagalaxy #lagalaxyfanpics…
Update: we were able to see the Rose Bowl... Then got directed past it
Apparently the one exit from my house to the stadium is going to take 20 minutes plus the 15 we have spent on the onramp. #LAvsMAN
The shoulder of the onramp is being used as a lane to drive in reverse to exit to fwy due to traffic.

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