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It sounds like the game of cornhole going on across the street is getting pretty intense.
So does mean the center is now Larentowicz/Husidic?
It's was cheers of "John Fucking Brooks" at Copa. I'm not ready to face qualifying at any level without him.
Brooks out? I now have a feeling of dread with these upcoming qualifiers. #USMNT
Trader Joes radio had it going on tonight! SWV followed by N*sync followed by Van Halsn followed by Joan Osborne. Love it!
@meekorouse their promotional crew was handing out samples outside the game. I'd say good deal
@ElleJayCee_ I'm legit looking forward to it... Unlike the game next weekend.
Looks like my spare ticket for tonight's game didn't sell. Probably for the best, that game didn't deserve to be seen be seen by more people
Update:the free beans were the best part of #LAvVAN
The best thing about today's #LAvVAN game? Some dude in an old school Mariners jersey
Scoring a goal would be nice , but that would be too much to ask from the Galaxy, wouldn't it?
@justinfngood wait, we are teenagers again?
@valaxie @TotalMLS @CozmoLAGalaxy should I go tell her she's twitter famous now?
Robbie Rogers and Sebastian Lletget playing in the same side again?
Just found a recipe for nutella cookies. Someone send me a hand mixer so I can make them.
I'm sad that I'll be begging the Apple Store to fix my shattered iPhone screen instead of watching #BMGB04
This FOX @Bundesliga_EN hype video did it's job. I'm hyped.
Yesss! @aronjo20 is starting. So excited to see all the Americans in the @Bundesliga_EN this season!

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