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@JediJournalist I'll be there later!
@OsoFreshFutbol well put. LA had a fair amount of control. They can do this.
RT @SeanSteffen: One of the best teams in MLS history might finish the day third in the league. What a great and bungled season. 4 points …
Ugh, I can't watch Seattle lift the Supporter's Shield.
We have one more sub, bring on some more attacking! #SEAvLAG
@1morequietnight that's their most obnoxious one too.
@dwyercd it would have made me question everything I think about soccer.
Is it just me or is CenturyLink really quiet right now? #SEAvLAG
Managed to hold off on puking until half time. Not gonna miss a minute of this game. #TMI #SEAvLAG
RT @chrisgriffin: Half: SEA 0, LA 0, astroturf 1. #SEAvLA
While it's still a big game, with no Keane and Gonzalez it's probably going to be way less exciting.
Oh right, I cancelled BeIn Sports.
The Lohan episode of Law and Order.
@1morequietnight I like James Spader, but he's so slimey in this.
Conclusion's conclusion: both conclusions might be partially true. One more than another, maybe. And I don't get Krysten Ritter's appeal.
Counter-conclusion: The Blacklist is interesting but my meds are making it hard to focus.
Conclusion: The Blacklist is only enjoyable as a show to watch while trying to fall asleep.
I don't get Krysten Ritter
Well, the Broken Bells tickets are going to be unused tonight. It's a lot harder to see paid for tickets go to waste than free ones.
@LeslieJ_ go to the crumpet shop near pikes place!

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