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RT @mattdpearce: This concert is pretty cool. Then Aoki started screaming shout-outs to Eric Garcetti to a bunch of ravers and I want to ch…
RT @LAGConfidential: If there's a soccer god, soon there will be a tiki-taco / King Taco cross promotion
@dwyercd @joetutino @LeslieJ_ they opened it right at the half. They told us a few minutes beforehand as they were telling us no standing
Getting a hot dog because there are no seats at Stub Hub center and there is no standing room left.
If only there were some seats for @brownamatthew and me to sit in for this game... @ StubHub Center
@AdrianAmler @MrjSykes I had been trying to buy for a few days but it never worked. And last night they had no pairs anywhere in stadium
RT @damosphere: #TFC hires inanimate carbon rod as coach. #InRodWeTrust #MLS
It's amazing how much Joe Allen has grown up over the years. Pretty soon he'll look like an adult.
@carolineheldman a bunch of oxy students threw a party at a house for sale last night. Is there anyone to bring that up with?
Once again I'm living in party row. Last night a bunch of kids took over a house that's for sale. Over 20 mins on hold with lapd
Sorry for being a person who is awake
@EverySimpsons I'm pretty sure someone might kill me
So happy that I parked my car away from the party
I can still hear iggy. They fancy
Me and a cat are sitting watching a party going on down the street.
Why is there a loud dj near my house?
Ugh, I have so many students outside my window. Not ok
@gincase you do good work for the community even if they don't see it.
@gincase haha but you tried to get the community involved. That's worth a kudos
@gincase good job!

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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