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@OsoFreshFutbol @MikeGraySC @dwyercd That look says "this was a huge mistake."
@dwyercd @OsoFreshFutbol @MikeGraySC My ears. My mind. What in the hell was that?!
Absolutely terrible. @Fox11LA spreading misinformation by calling Plan B the "abortion pill."
@1morequietnight what's that? I want to get one of those boxes that can record four shows at once
Everyone looks so young on this episode of #Sherlock on @BBCAMERICA. They've aged quite a bit over 4 years.
@yankgrana does anyone ever want a Discover card!
@wetsjg same here. I probably won't get to it until tomorrow
Just cancelled my Nashville season recording on my DVR to accommodate #Broadchurch
@LAGalaxy id buy one
@renemenjivar better hurry, they keep closing them down!
My doctor just gave me a clean bill of health and there isn't going to be an MLS strike. We goin' Sizzler!
I'm down with this theory. RT @jrkumor: I choose to believe the #USWNT are just lulling the world into a false sense of security.
I'd rather they reached an agreement, but shaking my booty surrounded by giant animals is a decent substitute.
Just remembered that I'm a @NHMLA member and can go to first friday's if there is no MLS CBA deal reached by friday/opening day
RT @Disneyland: Today in #DisneyHistory: Indiana Jones Adventure opens at Disneyland Park - 1995:…
@dwyercd Watching the Fox stream?
RT @AndrewDasNYT: Good news is Audi deal almost ensures a CBA deal, no? Because league would look completely craven now to walk over money.
"Abby Wambach just can't quite get there" pretty much sums up Abby's year
@emonightLA @RiversCuomo
SiriusXM bleeped out "horny" on Sublime's Caress Me Down, but left EVERYTHING ELSE. Wut?

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