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@Sander_Strijbos ... Than the regular carriers for an hour flight during the holidays. But other than that, never
@Sander_Strijbos we have one domestic low fare airline here. I'm only considering it as an option because it's $400 cheaper...
@Sander_Strijbos I went to Brazil on a charter flight. It was probably a slight step above these airlines & it was rough. Not worth it
@Sander_Strijbos nope nope nope. I almost bought a Scandinavian Air ticket, but realized I like myself more than that
@ItsASmallGirl love that place!
RT @cschleichsrun: Did everyone know there was a Christmas version of Monster Mash?!? It's like finding out I have another family. https://…
Four hours of driving later, I am finally home. Now time to prep for cooking prep tomorrow.
"they made it into the soccer cup playoffs" - Maria Schriver re:@LAGalaxy & Robbie Rogers #firsttofive
Seriously, I have gotten several hundred spanish speaking followers over the past month. Not one can tell me what is up?
¿Por qué tengo tantos seguidores en español? Hay una famosa Allison que me equivoco? #thanksfreetranslation
@OsoFreshFutbol Nothing can ruin today now that we have this trailer.
Don't even care. I'm going to watch the crap out of Jurassic World and pretend I don't see Chris Pratt's facial hair
@InDieRoq just say no to cruises
@JhormanRuzz tacos
@frodojags @PadreJZorro hope you guys are safe. I'd text but it's a little late :)
@thatswhatsup323 if anyone took it y little Cesar's, there would be hell to pay. Those pizzas are legit for $5
@thatswhatsup323 that made me lol
@allinthepass I went "college style" aka, just gave up and microwaved some hot water.
RT @hutchingsahn: The cognitive dissonance inherent in pleading for peace when you look like this is astounding

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