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@ellenwoodEP @TheDandyWarhols @TeragramLA yes yes yes!!
@ch Which one?
Bittersweet Symphony in 2015. Seahawks take the field to it in the Superbowl, NYRB walk off the field to it after playoff elimination.
@jrkumor #refunds and #angryneighbors
Gonna miss @kobebryant
@gypsyxfade @wornwhite Ugh, I never noticed. It's going to distract me when I go back to in in an hour.
@wornwhite Man in the High Tower. That was my follow up to those two in a row... also the John Mulaney special.
@noahphex which episode?
Had so many of these RT @RyanRKH: @washedupemo found a box in the back of the closet with some "washed up" stickers.
Beef shank as a steak and rice. Put together in 30 minutes post-nap.
I have prepared for the nap by turning on all the lights in the house that aren't in my bedroom. I won't wake up confused!
3:36 pm Harrowing time to watch tv in bed. Inevitably I'll fall asleep, wake up at 5pm with it dark out and I'll think it's tomorrow.
Cookies and cream with hot fudge. Could this be the most delicious scoop of ice cream ever?…
@brandikirch just one of the box and haul seems like enough
I like my hair salon. In here the music doesn't go before 2004 or after 2009. This rules.
It's been a while since I've been to the Arts District. It's so pretty, it hurts.
@gypsyxfade these are grown men playing an adult game with serious life threatening consequences. They get into it. Done.
RT @NARALColorado: Planned Parenthood will open doors across the country tomorrow, bc they provide healthcare to women. Terrorists will not…
@jrkumor nice! When I was a kid that was my favorite movie... Except I had no idea what was happening in it.
@gypsyxfade really? I'm kind of eye rolling right now.

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