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@gincase do you have the lead on a troop in eagle rock for an 11 year old?
@alonelikmacauly oh I need to find a way in there too!
@OsoFreshFutbol @valaxie he could be a future ninja!
@alonelikmacauly whaaaaaaa?!
@TWC_Help it's my DVR, but I've already spoken with a rep. They tried their best. Now I need to wait 24 hours
@valaxie aww so cute
When I left work today I totally said "I want to spend my night dealing with @twc_help And not watch the USMNT match!"
God bless America and God bless Curry House leftovers. Time for dinner and some #USMNT
Check out LA galaxy training top medium @eBay
@kevinjk pretty much.
Fox Sports Go is leaps and bounds better picture-wise than Watch ESPN wasfor me last week.
@SpinZilla21 @RevCycling I look forward to trying a class. How early should I book?
I had a dream they removed Sherlock from netflix :(
The night of my HS graduation my friends and I went cruising down Hollywood. I had to go to the restroom though.
@thatgirlismegan one of my friends is working the spotlight for that show. I always want her to sneak me in so I can watch
@thatgirlismegan I did excellent nail polish can look great if it's done professionally, but otherwise there is not much difference
@thatgirlismegan i refuse to paint my own nails with Essie. It just never comes out as nice as the salons' work.
I guess this place is pretty. #dtla @ THE ORPHEUM THEATRE
So sitting on the side on the freeway (like, cars going by, inside-side of the fwy) is the new hot spot for kids to chill and smoke out.
@ElleJayCee_ It's friday. Ticket prices always go up on fridays for some reason.

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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