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@renemenjivar nah, I have no skin in this game. I just live for sports drama
@jrichardson25 that's so crazy. I remember him playing probably half my life ago. Hadn't heard the name in ages.
What. An. Error. Sorry for the shrieking, neighbors.
Raul Ibanez still plays baseball?!
Ugh #ManhattanLoveStory. It's super not charming to have your young lead be completely inept.
What? How?
I think I finally found the post that is going to make me hit the "Leave Group" button on the #DTLA facebook page.
@DeNeil10 I'd still eat it.
@DeNeil10 How long has it been in the fridge? It looks fine. If it smells like normal raw meat and not gross raw meat, you're good
@OsoFreshFutbol No way
I'm pretty sure CNBC's picture for Ebola in the US is from the movie Outbreak and not the CDC
Wow for the first time in what seems like years Fredy Montero was mentioned on my timeline
@jrkumor those guys, they are businessmen and this game is serious business. They will be calling their bookie at the half.
I'm pretty sure Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Beckham are talking about the best pony to get a toddler, not sports. "I've got a horsey guy for you"
@1morequietnight Nope, but there seems to be some could be sane people involved as well.
@gato_veloz_4 This morning I was thinking about how I hope to be able to afford Lakers tickets this year. Don't see it happening still
@MrjSykes @dwyercd If he gives LA a metro accessible stadium, he can appoint the janitor to manager. The could get super interesting.
From one crazy pants owner to league owned to partially crazy pants again? This should be fun.
@Dan_romer Do you know what happened in the end?
@ItsASmallGirl were you ever able to get on the @DisneylandAP mailing list? I can't find anything on the link they sent you last week

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