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📷 theclearlydope: I hope he takes my insurance. [via]
@gypsyxfade !!!
Well that was a good few hours, but it's to go back to feeling like crap.
@StockmanGirl @LAGalaxy @OficialGio I did too! The bright side of a meh day. Looked good!
Finally made peace w/ having to watch tonight's galaxy game from bed... then I saw the lineup and was no longer at peace.
yeah, I just had top ramen for dinner. Creamy chicken flavored ramen is pretty much just chicken soup in salt form, right?
@AdrianAmler @LAGalaxy thanks!
@LAGalaxy for those of stuck at home sick, is there a way to watch tonight's match?
Someone send new pillows and soft blankets.
@1morequietnight hopefully there is more!
@InDieRoq @trojanchick99 I want Brian Wilson afor sure. Kraftwerk would be nice but not as mush of a priority after the Disney Concert Hall
@sevsarkissian congrats!
I'm ridiculously upset about being sick and having to miss tonight's @LAGalaxy game. Really really.
I'd like to be laying in bed watching Billions and Shameless, but @TWC_Help won't let me activate streaming :(
I can't tell if this is my normal, everything hurts down to the bones pain or that mixed with fever's a-coming pain.
Got that hot behind the eyeballs feeling going - fever's a-coming!
@valaxie thanks for the reminder to check Instagram 🔥🔥🔥
That #thexfiles trailer for next week made me sad. I could get past 1 more episode before the finale.
Just when I thought I was done with Jamberry, they come out with a Disney line featuring The Little Mermaid.
Music playing in a car on the x files? Always a bad sign.

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