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#Disneyland60 fireworks were overwhelming and we didn't even see the light show portion. Bravo! @…
@1morequietnight he at one point tried to say it wasn't hair. It was so bizarre and gross.
@speakercode @ShakeysUSA It wasn't a big deal to me until the manager got defensive
Got my #Disneyland60 ears. Happy anniversary, Disneyland! @ Disneyland
I brought it to the @ShakeysUSA mgr he said "it's not my hair" and it wasn't his fault that there was hair in my food. Not cool.
I was gonna submit a @ShakeysUSA #shakeyspizzaparty selfie but then I found a blond hair baked into my mojos...
This week's nails are super bright and festive. Kinda the opposite of the dark, gloominess going on…
Finally got around to the Mindy Project finale. Closing it out with some Santigold? πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
RT @MLSAnalyst: Best moment of the day in sport:
@yayponies the Bowl has some great shows (as usual) this year. I've got my eye on Sheryl Crow.
RT @DodgerInsider: At 2:11, this was the shortest nine-inning Dodger game since August 23, 2013.
@yayponies which ones? I have done baseball and soccer but didn't meet my minimum of 1 Kings game this season.
Guys, I don't think I've been to a concert yet this year. Who have I become?
@brianguyen @mochipark @andrescruz @ebrewer @BadExec @oscardramirez @maririvera this
@thatgirlismegan see the photo of his parents? He's got good genes.
@emilypisright that might "cross the line"
@ShadyTracey 🍻
@frodojags @PadreJZorro easy solution. LA.
Well this #NERvDC got crazy. Should be an interesting 32 minutes+
Being a lady of leisure is hard work. Breakfast, yoga, Law & Order. I'm so spent, not even sure I'll even see the next MLS match.

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