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@adra21 got through! They will check in her!
Some woman has been screaming for help and screaming. All I get is a busy number from 911 :(
@seanCduregger good choice. I told my boss to watch that this weekend
@thatswhatsup323 aww, it's ok
@Pishogue winner winner pumpkin dinner
Free car wash time!
@thatgirlismegan that's really terrible. Hope they find the kid :(
The Oxy students are starting to head to the party house and not one is in costume. Not even cat ears or poster board. #kidsthesedays
"Only children are monsters." Please NBC, don't cancel Marry Me.
I'm bummed to live in a place where I get no trick or treaters.
@wetsjg I don't know, but it's sucking me in. I'm a grown adult. this should not be happening
Seriously, what is Taylor Swift trying to do to me.
@Pishogue had to take one of those in Houston. Half automated, half still the old way
@lilphyno2 never followed in the first place
@OsoFreshFutbol Went to see Pippin at the Pantages. So so, good
Halloween at the office.
@OsoFreshFutbol I'm not sad to say, we ended up at mcdonalds
I've got a cat wearing a hat!
@OsoFreshFutbol Roscoes came up at work today. Might be on tonight's agenda as well
@PalaceParker The menu looked ok, but I was hoping for somethign a little closer since I'm still not 100%

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Adventures and Boredom in Los Angeles as seen by one individual. Also Trying to watch 365 Movies in one year.

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