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RT@LuxuryfortheHom: Nothing in your home should "match". It should coordinate, compliment, contrast or highlight. #interiordesign
school's starting soon - have you thought about decorating your dorm with tapestries?
@gabriellegarza apartment decorating is great! I'm doing the same thing with mine. Are you following a specific theme?
@Parlez_me_nTory fabulous, can't wait to see it!
@hshomestaging have you ever seen dark colors used in bathrooms? tiny spaces, but as long as there's enough windows, and a large mirror...
is there a specific tapestry you're looking for and can't find on our website?
RT @GettyMuseum: 18th-c French tapestry made with 700,000 begonias. Yes. & #organicart
@Parlez_me_nTory what kind of tapestry are you hanging ?
@hobbleit_jen you could see the bayeux tapestry every day if you had this wall hanging! :)
@krittyperritty what kind of tapestry did you order?
interesting history on a tapestry we sell! RT @LarsBrownworth: Is the Bayeux Tapestry reliable?
RT @LuxuryfortheHom: Luxe Tip: Does your taste in decorating change? Focus on a quality base & change your accents. #interiordesign
@Wasted_Talent 7 are 2 tapestries we carry you may be interested in.
@JessieADORE if you're looking for wall decor, we've got some amazing tapestry selections - always free shipping!
@EmeeleeJay I saw your post about decorating next year - thought you might be interested in some of our tapestries
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did you know we offer FREE shipping on our tapestries?
RT @kylasaur: Having a tapestry on your wall would be really cool. Not going to lie.
@Wasted_Talent what type of tapestry are you looking for?
@lanaglama what type of decor theme do you have in your kitchen?

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