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The ALU Daily is out! Stories via @LaurenConrad
@CleveNole ah, I was like, HELLO BOAT FRIENDS!! We keep talking about getting one, but the gas prices...
@CleveNole Did you buy a boat???
My hair has been air drying since 8:30am and it's still damp underneath. #thickhairproblems #thickhairdontcare
@FashionFooting @ambajack I wonder where these are being done in the US. It's like the duck bills, NOPE
RT @FashionFooting: @ambajack @AllLacqueredUp
@leading_lady26 @bustle A couple were cute, in a cartoonish way.
@lemonlacquer hahaha, for real! It looks like acrylics gone very very wrong. The one that wraps around the tip of the nail. What?
@Tribechic @walko88 Yeah, I can't wear long nails. Just not functional for me. And bubbles... hell no!
.@walko88 @bustle The toes are the worst. A French pedi AND bubble nails. WRONG!!
RT @walko88: @AllLacqueredUp @bustle NO NO NO!
@mambochocobo I thought it looked very cartoonish. I know people love extreme nail trends, it's just not functional for me.
How do you function with these? "This Crazy Nail Trend Is Blowing Up On Instagram" via @bustle All the NOPE
@wendykrafferty Voted! Good luck
The ALU Daily is out! Stories via @ciatelondon
@leading_lady26 I loved what I saw of the island. I definitely need to go back and explore.
@Tribechic Thanks! It was a gorgeous place to be for work. I just wish I had more downtime to enjoy it and had the man with me.
@jagxjr99 The resort is really beautiful. Lots of great restaurants and pools. Odd that you have to ferry to an island for a beach.
RT @lacaveduvin: Adam's Aztec Aperitif. Stay tuned for more La Cave Cocktails...
I normally don't like lemon shandy, but @TravelerBeer has a hint of lime. 🍺 #beericures Color is @SallyHansen #Mira…

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