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@BiteBuff no kidding! though i'm probably a danger to others ;)
@BiteBuff apparently i'm a giant klutz today. spilled nail polish, twice, and then spilled salt all over the counter. #workfromhomefail
The ALU Daily is out! Stories via @ManRepeller
RT @Austrailius: @AllLacqueredUp non-acetone nail polish remover won't hurt carpet - I've used it before.
Dear Tuesday, you win! Laptop keeps freezing, nail polish won't come out of carpet or jeans. Uncle, you hear me, uncle! #fb
@BrendaSteffen1 won't that ruin the color of the carpet and jeans?
@supersgirl1 it wasn't that kind of spill. it was more like a spray, so no pools of polish. but thanks for the suggestion
@CONCERTCHICK27 @MusingsofaMuse The coupon is good on that? Good to know. There are usually so many restrictions.
Just spilled a bottle of RED polish all over my carpet and jeans. $%$#$%# Who has removal tips for me?
@MusingsofaMuse I get it. I don't like paying more than $15 for drugstore makeup
@MusingsofaMuse they're $16.99 here.
@MusingsofaMuse I saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond but forgot my 20% off coupon. Need to get back asap
RT @stylecoalition: If you can't make it tonight to the #Fashion20Awards - Don't worry! You can stream the whole event LIVE at 6PM here! ht…
@MusingsofaMuse @LOrealParisUSA Beautiful! I need to get both of them.
RT @MusingsofaMuse: a big Muse Approval for @LOrealParisUSA La Palette Nude! Delightfully silky shades! loves it! h…
The ALU Daily is out! Stories via @GlitteryGlossy @Phandroid
RT @aenglandtweets: As announced by dear Eugenia @ommorphia a new collection is definitely in the air... ❤️ ROSSETTI'S……
@aenglandtweets Wow! I can't wait to see those. Brilliant!
Interesting color combo RT @pampadour Love this #manicure from @butterlondon! #pampadour #manicuremonday #nailart…
@blushingnoir @daydream_beauty I have a lipstick from a subscription box and it's really lovely; creamy and pigmented

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Nail polish obsessed blogger. CLE fanatic. Craft beer drinker. Mother to two sweet furballs (Ren & Loki). Marriage Equality supporter. Childless by choice.

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