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@ImTheRealHer we hope so too. The more the merrier #NailGlossip
Dear @hintwater, I see you no longer make the Raspberry Lime flavor. I implore you to bring it back. Please!
.@ChalkboardNails so many great things to look forward to #NailGlossip
RT @ChalkboardNails: And in case you missed it… Here's my #CosmoprofNA roundup! #nailglossip
.@kelliegonzo @ThePolishAholic @ChalkboardNails thanks for being here. It wouldn't be the same without you #NailGlossip
@ThePolishAholic @ChalkboardNails me too! It's certainly not for the stellar acting or believable story lines. Give me shirtless Eric
Thank you so much for joining us everyone! Thank you to @SallyHansen for providing our giveaway. We'll see you in two weeks #NailGlossip
.@ChalkboardNails @ThePolishAholic this is the last season and they are balls out! #NailGlossip
The next #NailGlossip will be August 10th and we'll have a very special prize related to @ChalkboardNails. Don't miss it!!
RT @tita_vg: @AllLacqueredUp when is the next #nailgossip? I joined too kate tonight!
RT @ThePolishAholic: @AllLacqueredUp ME! I was like :O at the end of the last episode when Bill was looking in the mirror #NailGlossip
.@shmekie @curlycomedy @ChalkboardNails @ThePolishAholic like Ramona Singer? Is it turtle time? #nailglossip
Yet again, the hour is flying by. Where did the time go? And who's watching #TrueBlood after the chat? #TrueToTheEnd #NailGlossip
RT @kelliegonzo: Ain't nothin better than #NailGlossip and watching law & order svu in the background 😄 #sundayfunday
RT @BrendaSteffen1: @AllLacqueredUp @mommy_mani No explosions yet thank goodness. Good topic to explore for #NailGlossip
.@ChalkboardNails true. Probably best with a really opaque/thick polish #NailGlossip
RT @mommy_mani: @ChalkboardNails @AllLacqueredUp @ThePolishAholic Please give us a review on how it works!
.@ChalkboardNails ah yes, the ability to mix your own polish with a clear top coat to make gel. Hope it works! #NailGlossip
RT @ChalkboardNails: .@AllLacqueredUp It's called Gelibility. I've got a tester on the way. I hope it works -- would open so many possibili…
.@BrendaSteffen1 @mommy_mani you have to be careful with frankens. Some formulas don't play nice & bottles explode #NailGlossip

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Nail polish obsessed blogger. CLE fanatic. Craft beer drinker. Mother to two sweet furballs (Ren & Loki). Marriage Equality supporter. Childless by choice.

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