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@sunilgulati Time to resign
@BestBuySupport It says I can't use gift cards to pay for best buy gift cards, but I'm only buying an itunes GC. I…
@BestBuySupport Can't buy itunes gift card online, website chat is down, and I just got kicked off a call because of technical difficulties
@StampsCom Your site is down!!
@10TV Where can I watch the OSU game on ATT Uverse???
Let's win this! #RallyTogether
@united Booked < a week ago. Need to change plans for a friend's wedding. Tickets cost $330. United's respose? Pay us $400! Lost my business
@ColumbusCrewSC Still can't purchase tickets through your site, please address this guys!!
@ColumbusCrewSC Ticket link on the "Eastern Conference Champions" page leads to an outlook login page, what gives? I need some tickets!!
REPORTS CONFIRMED: bugs bunny gave Jordan's "secret stuff" to the browns at halftime
@PaulBiancardi When are you guys releasing the first 2015 team class rankings?
@PaulBiancardi do the buckeyes actually have a shot at signing myles turner? if not, thad's gone 3 straight years without a 4-star big
Seriously lenzelle? Two horrible shots from a senior cost his team a chance at the game. What the hell was he thinking?!
@billbarnwell did you really claim that foles/jackson's production is equal to that of smith/bowe? seriously?
@eamonnbrennan osu plays notre dame in noncon, clearly they deserve a massive bump in your arbitrary schedule rankings. Maybe up to a 5?
RT @JordanHall_2: Before I play ncaa14 I'm rippin that weak ass cover off
@KyleRowland uh...what?

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