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There are few tasks for which "Twitter follower admin" is a rewarding displacement activity: but now I MUST do my tax return.
RT @heilbrunn: Chogyam Trungpa ~ Spirituality doesn't exist on another level different from ordinary life.
RT @iPhoneAppDeal: Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out. - Anton Chekhov #quote
RT @RalfSkirr: Seth Godin: Question checklist for reviewing your new marketing materials...
.... update to last tweet... "advanced countries" not just "countries". #economist #perversepolitics
Only 3 countries pay more for school education of the rich than the poor: Israel, Turkey & USA #economist #perversepolitics
@JoePritchard Disconcertingly easy. Howto packs can be bought. (no - I'm not a reseller! ).
Korean students protest at half-filled Korean crisp packets by riding a raft held afloat by them. #economist
Facebook backer #FoundersFund invests in cannabis company. That's so cool, man! #economist #legalizemarijuana
One of the richest men in Asia is called. ... wait for it ... Li Ka-Shing. Hope he has a sense of humour.
Hackers who ask for ransoms can earn $13,675/day. Keep backups! #economist #hacking #ransomware
I have just installed on Chrome and Firefox to sync bookmarks across them. Nice.
If you don't like Google tracking you, take a look at as an alternative search engine.
One light bulb per person on for 3 hrs/day: average electricity use in sub-Sahara Africa. #powercrazy
Sub-saharan Africa (pop. 910m) uses less electricity that Alabama (pop. 4.8m). Src:Economist. #powercrazy
Just had a meeting with a potential client for social and content marketing services. They are in the IT Managed Services business - which …
Quite apart from all the desktop and mobile security features that AVAST Software provides me for free, what I like about them is their som…
Working on TWO proposals for eCommerce-based WP websites. Checking out the integration of some very advanced & smart plugins.
Here are 10 Digital Actions Tips For Smarter Working which I've posted in my LinkedIn Group
LISTEN TO THIS stylish & evocative debut single of my son's band - Lunacre. LIKE it if you like it!

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