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Boston Bruins 2017-2018 schedule announced. #Penguins morning after Thanksgiving, #Rangers #Islanders #Capitals + #Montreal all Saturdays
Capitals again huh.... wow. Ovy might need to play in the KHL to finally win a cup
Jesus PK, come to BOSTON!
#RedSox need to stop playing the Yankees like a JV team getting a chance to play at Fenway. Who's your daddy takes on a WHOLE diff meaning
RT @MaddoxTellsAll: Sources: ESPN has not renewed the contract of Pepper Brooks after 14 years with ESPN 8 (The Ocho) #ESPNLayoffs https://…
So... lets see... any chance the #Bruins can trade oh I dunno, Krejci, Carlo, Rask, Mcavoy, Chara and the Bear mascot & get PK Subban?
Vegas money seems to be going on the Senators as the line opened at -165 #Bruins and now down in the -140's ..... 45 minutes till start
#Bruins end the game on a triple OT goal that goes off someones butt......
Going to call Chris Sale by his real name from now on, Pedro Schilling. #RedSox
PLEASE PLEASE tell me they Fabreezed the TD Garden after that Celtics loss last night. Cant kill those losing germs fast enough #Bruins
I smell a 7 hour 4th OT game.... #Bruins
Ok #Capitals , I just dont get it
#Bruins got this weird vibe this year, almost like the 2004 #RedSox..... maybe its just me
#Celtics about as solid a #1 seed as the Capitals against the Maple Leafs.....
As a #Bruins fan, not really sure who you are rooting for in this Montreal NY OT, Habs I guess as we all want Claude back in Boston?
Vegas odds on Toronto getting at least 1 point in tonights game, uhmm lets go with -100,000 to 1 #OhOhBruins
Well this su*s #Bruins ......
Jesus #Bruins maybe we start a tradition where the fans give YOU the shirts of their back last game of season. Your way isn't working
RT @MSavvy91: Bruins Clinched!! Not sure to many teams want #BostonStrong in the first round!! Believe or you'll never Achieve!! Sleep easy…
Wow #Bruins just clinched a playoff spot with a 4-0 win on home ice. This should be interesting......

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