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Oh God, He Heard Me
Twin girls with the best costumes at the party!
What my boyfriend brought back from work in the oil field the other day....
Ultimate Feed Adele
Two Italian men get on a bus...
Many women do not agree with me on this subject - but it's important.
Back in high school, I did some modeling for a stock photo company. It's...
Caught this little shit trying to evolve. Threw him right back in the water.
No one wanted this coke...
I wish more restaurants did this!
Went to Granddad's after work for dinner, couldn't believe what was waiting...
[IFF] Some kids were staring a bit and asked if my daughter was a girl or...
Really embarrassing question. Please don't up vote..
It can't be a coincidence...
A man pours mud water on the head of his girl friend
This guy at the park looks like NO.
My roommates and I wanted cool photos of ourselves to put up in our...
Fuck this, I'm out.
I like my coffee like I like my slaves
Coming out of the closet. Like a boss.

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