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RT @uggirala: Amazing talks from @Diajoyce and @berkun. Inspirational and useful. Thanks @AdaptivePath for bringing diverse speakers. #mx15
RT @PeteC: .@berkun 's talk at #mx15 was brilliant. Hit so many points that are relevant for me, "those in power benefit from the status qu…
RT @stackelberg: In a company, culture is defined by the behaviour of people in power. #mx15 w @berkun
RT @brandonschauer: Dia Penning asks us all to change the world by brining everyone to the table; it's the only way we can we can #mx15 htt…
@PeteC @lil_dill The Adaptive Path Events team will share slides and videos later this week via email. #mx15
RT @mxconf: "Know the moments that matter. Keep it simple. Make it visual. Ensure it's visible." @lil_dill @designairs #mx15…
RT @happy_stomach: "Engaging everyone in the humanities is super important, too." Get engineers but make sure they take philosophy, history…
RT @brandonschauer: Panel theme from @mags: How do we design for a global diverse audience when we aren't diverse ourselves? #mx15
RT @sarahyichia: 20% of top vc-backed companies have design cofounders #mx2015 #deo #MariaGludice
RT @FranziSessler: @lisakaysolomon @AdaptivePath
RT @realityCheckGal: Life is short, work for companies and people you believe in @AdaptivePath #mx2015
RT @cr8tivelivin: You should change things. @mxconf is so inspiring so far thanks! @lisakaysolomon @AdaptivePath @mgiudice #ux #mx2015 http…
Welcome #MX15 attendees, speakers & teachers! Registration opens at 8am on the 4th floor. Coffee and light breakfast served. @mxconf
RT @berkun: Looking forward to giving a keynote at @AdaptivePath's MX event next week: hope to see you there #ux #de…
Check out @scotsullivan's article on designing applications for smart watches: @FastCoDesign
RT @FastCoDesign: Beauty and brains: @adaptivepath's Scott Sullivan on the smart watch of his dreams…
RT @UxChic: Awesome resource from @AdaptivePath on mapping experiences - excellent for conducting stakeholder workshops…
RT @indiyoung: @AdaptivePath is organizing more high-quality events:
RT @mxconf: Full Conference Tickets are sold out, but we have general session tickets (no workshop) available:
Hi @kweekweek. Please email Thanks!

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