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The BC Gov thinks a good fee to charge @nestle for a million litres of groundwater is $2.25. We're not ok with that. https://t.co/dGP35Ku6Dv
Video of acupuncture on Cable TV in MA. https://t.co/0l0kWqa6uH
GlendaleAZ communityacupuncture at it's best! https://t.co/cwUXFbtPeU In the area?
Commercial-The Acupuncture Healing Center Glendale Terrific 5 Star Review by Debbie D. https://t.co/I9d0SinQoi via @YouTube
🎧 Heavy Raindrops Sound On Tent | Ambient Noise For Relaxing, Focus or S... https://t.co/vOEIYQ3T5l via @YouTube
Acupuncture Happy Hour is now ALL DAY LONG $10.00 for 30 minutes of acupuncture. Walk in no appointment needed 4358 W.Thunderbird Rd
RT @SenSanders: President Trump, you made a big mistake. By trying to divide us up by race, religion, gender and nationality you actually b…
Growing clients in affordable quality community acupuncture at 4358 W. Thunderbird Rd. Cupping needs? stop in.
MAY TRUTH PREVAIL over ALL https://t.co/TY270Qzfvd
RT @BadlandsNPS: "If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit." -Chief Seattle https://t.co/jYpJo6Xk6S
Thank you for posting! and EDUCATING! https://t.co/InEANVPBG1
@BadlandsNPS LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for loving this earth we live in ! More Power to you for speaking truth!!!
@SizunJ I wish it did edit DNA.
Finally https://t.co/cwUXFbtPeU is clear for services. Not a fan of godaddy after 15months
Can't wait for @TheTruthAboutCancer Ultimate Live Symposium featuring 40 top health experts to start October 14! https://t.co/6sWpm6oPYz
Take a look at my new profile page. You can stop by & refer new clients anytime. https://t.co/zr3KPAJQu6
New website new beginnings https://t.co/2QtJG8u6p3
@pknoepfler Wanting to splice schizophrenia gene out. Have specific gene father, brother and son share. Any ideas who is working at this?
@LaithAlSaadi @NBCTheVoice keeping the the music REAL!
@AskAmex I went to website to remove and no place to remove. The email did not even have an unsubscribe button

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Integrity and Quality in Acupuncture Health Care make a pay it forward difference in life $5. Happy Hour Acupuncture 5pm M-W-F, W-12-4pm Community Acupuncture

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