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my new website https://t.co/iFyYCRun77 #fotografo #photography #photographer #creative
Petition: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum https://t.co/i0ukagtYzO
RT @ThePrecursorPro: #Paris just before the attacks last November – @AcuTim writes about his experience in 2015 https://t.co/otDJkZuwae htt…
Evidence shows neonicotinoids made no difference to crops last year, they only killed #bees .@RoryStewartUK keep them off our fields
#baphotohudd preparing for exhibition Huddersfield Byram Arcade Tuesday Dec 15. Interim exhibition #photography https://t.co/Z2OHt2SzvI
Welcome to Austeria – a nation robbing its poor to pay for the next big crash https://t.co/1ULprBK2Wt
Cameron refuses to say whether tax credits plan will leave people worse off https://t.co/IMiow7bs40
I've just called on my favourite supermarket to pay their staff a decent Living Wage! Join me here: https://t.co/BwCApyhGug
I've just emailed my MP & told them to pressure the gov't to do more to help refugees. Email yours: http://t.co/N8JoathwQY #refugeeswelcome
#Aylan -- Europe: no more drownings! #RefugeesWelcome -- Join the global call now & RT https://t.co/Qc0bmk5mBL
Please help protect our bees - http://t.co/QTJMo6Cf2M
Ex colonia Olivetti at Marina di Sarzana #italy #italia #coast #excolonia https://t.co/fX1EtXZlBj
European Parliament: Save the Freedom of Photography! #saveFoP @Europarl_EN http://t.co/FSiOIhjdVr via @ChangeGER
Does paracetamol do you more harm than good? http://t.co/A39nR4e8Ap
What is a carbon bomb? #keepitintheground http://t.co/6vLMZagXcR http://t.co/ijOrYzIlYx
Psychiatric drugs do more harm than good, says expert http://t.co/0yVoVWe0tA
Exit Poll: Which way did you vote in the General Election? http://t.co/wwadJovruO via @NewsRepublicUK
Keep it in the ground: Guardian climate change campaign http://t.co/oohkk67hZg http://t.co/oIQL7igk1X

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Traditional and cosmetic acupuncture and shiatsu practitioner in central Leeds, Headingley and Ilkley

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