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Discover the secrets to impress casting directors! Natalie Hart's workshop demystifies the casting process
Learn to develop characters and emotions quickly, and have a blast doing it! Check out our improv classes #improv
RT @TrainToZakopane: Down 2 the wire! Get ready 2 hop on the train 2 @ActingatEdgemar in TWO days! #TrainToZakopane …
Your voice is breathy – throaty – weak or high pitched?Check out the voice intensive #strongvoice
Your stomach tightens right before you perform and you can’t breathe?Check out the voice intensive
You have trouble connecting emotionally to material? Check out the voice intensive #michelledanner
You get emotional and your voice closes or pitches up? Come to a free info session #actingclass
Cinema at the Edge 2015 film submissions
Michelle’s article on @Backstage #acting
People can’t hear you on stage – your voice has no power? Check out the voice intensive
Soak up the secrets from the co-instructors with a background in casting, agency, producing
RT @Backstage: The importance of nurturing your talent: by @ActingatEdgemar #acting
RT @TrainToZakopane: Get ready to see @mikefalkow and @TannaF at @ActingatEdgemar in #TrainToZakopane!
Don't forget to sign up for a FREE informational session, this WEDNESDAY
The Importance of Nurturing Your Talent, by Michelle Danner ( via @BackStage
RT @TrainToZakopane: Catch @TannaF & @CathyArden opening night at @ActingatEdgemar in 6 days! Buy your tickets now: …
Pre-Reads, Call Backs, and Producer Sessions: need help come to the free info session
Commercial Castings & How to Not Get Skipped During Your Slate
Do’s & Don’ts for Getting an Agent: visit the acting studio
How casting selects actors to bring in & how to make your headshot stand out

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