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Tim s Gadget of the Month for October is the QuickLock Doorlock. Check out this new door locking technology.
To see real-world examples of the services we provide, read some of our case studies.
Communication is very important. With server-based voice systems, we can set up IP Telephony for your business.
With cloud computing, you can connect to your work from anywhere in the world at any time.
We live in a 24/7 world where IT solutions are needed around the clock. At @AccessTec, we have your solutions.
At @AccessTec, our Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays offer an unparalleled level of capacity and range.
Make the move to the cloud. Eliminate the worry of data loss, capital expenditure, and data limits.
At @AccessTec, we serve businesses, government agencies, utilities, and educational facilities.
With @AccessTec s cloud services, expenses are reduced, efficiency is increased, and your business can thrive.
@AccessTec is honored to be a part of the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools Conference on October 29th-31st.
At @AccessTec, we have worked with government groups around the country. Read more about our solutions here:
@AccessTec provides the most reliable solutions when it comes to protecting your facility against unwanted intruders
@AccessTec's IT Data Services will help you save time and money. We have a solution for your business.
With @AccessTec s cloud services, you pay only for the cloud space that you use monthly - no capital-expenditure.
With @AccessTec s cloud services, you will never need to worry about costly hardware again. Read more here:
@AccessTec provides cloud solutions for businesses, educational facilities, government agencies, and utilities.
@AccessTec’s NED™ Cloud Services offer monitoring and reporting options to keep your network running efficiently.
@AccessTec's cloud storage services allow you to save data in the cloud so that it will always be available.
@AccessTec's cloud services offer cost effective solutions to running your business as efficiently as possible.
@SpartanIT @AdHouseNM Thanks for sharing our blog! We are honored to provide support for public safety efforts.

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Access Technologies is a full service IT company based in Albuquerque, NM. We love green chile and sharing technology news.
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