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79 Friends <---- you know you want it
Hey wake up and go to buy something for your Mom!
my belly aches , I'm ditching school today!
Oh ya plenty of items listed $10 dollars and less
I just started a blog . Now the world will be in my business......
Hello my fellow Twitters, Today is a day of beauty. Speaking of beauty, go to my damn Etsy page
Don't you hate it when you buy new lotion and think it has the best smell in the world and then 30 min later the smell is making you ill?
AbsolutelyAlex@Julie_B I really like Etsy, but man are sales slow! I'm thinking about making my shop a little more vanilla.
hey what kind of resin do you guys use?
thinking of new jewelry ideas! Plus need some damn customers!
I'm eating like a pig! oink oink!
Man it's freaking cold in California like 55 degrees! ;)
I want to be on Treasury! who's feet do I need to rub to get on Treasury?!?
I wish somebody would buy something from my fu9king shop!
Dark chocolate ooooooo goood
yesterday I worked at my friends lingerie shop and sold many vibrating devices!
I just screwed with my My Space page. Add me ;) and I'll add you!
Totally starting to stress out! My client for Sunday isn't answering my emails. I hope she doesn't flake out again!
This Twitter thing is kinda like crack don't ya think?

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