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We’ll be watching the Top 10 most innovative #startups in #YYC at #SCLP2014 on Nov 13. Who’s joining us?
7 steps to becoming an expert in your field: via @EntMagazine #entrepreneur
Need some guidance developing a business plan? AWE is hosting our workshop, Roadmap to Success on Nov. 3 in #yeg
RT @LeducNisku: Tonight @LeducNisku is hosting our #SBW2014 panel about women in business with @AWEbusiness. Tickets here:…
Queen of #Startups @bindik will be in #yeg Nov. 6 at the @ualbertabus Alumni Dinner!
Thank you again for a great Sunrise Series event @ShariGraydon @InformedOps @KarenUnland @BobbiMenard #smartwomen
Check out resources on writing an op ed on the @InformedOps website #smartwomen
Media in #yeg are extremely friendly - it's refreshing @BobbiMenard @InformedOps #smartwomen
LinkedIn is an increasingly great way to be found @KarenUnland @InformedOps #smartwomen
Thank you @KarenUnland & @BobbiMenard for lending a voice this am w/@InformedOps @ShariGraydon #smartwomen
Speak up when asked! @InformedOps @ShariGraydon #smartwomen
In speaking up you are sub sequentially speaking up for those who don't have a voice @InformedOps #smartwomen
For centuries Anonymous has been a women @InformedOps #smartwomen
A public voice & profile makes it easier to get your calls answered & support for your cause @InformedOps #smartwomen
RT @TraceyScarlett: Only 20% of expert opinions in media are women - Shari Grayson @InformedOps @awebusiness
When asked to speak on what you are an expert in Don't say NO say Id be happy to see if I can help Challenge accepted! @ShariGraydon #smart
RT @ctellecampbell: When women's voices are absent, the nature of the discourse is fundamentally changed. With @ShariGraydon at @AWEbusiness
Headline: Men's work worth more than women's stats show - Story: The economy would tank without women's unpaid work @ShariGraydon
Because you are passionate & love doing something doesn't make you an expert @ShariGraydon #smartwomen
Great exercise My Name is ... and I am an expert in.... @ShariGraydon #smartwomen

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Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a range of tools to help women across Alberta succeed in business.

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