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What's best for Crimea's future? http://t.co/rpnH0Y60IG
Cuticle 'Tattoos' are the next big thing in nail art: What do you think? http://t.co/Lf5vjXwV0w
Should federal regulators ban Bitcoin? http://t.co/vjg5cZdiVq
Would you wear a sweater made of shed dog hair? http://t.co/p8DptjjSRT
What Do You Drink Most Throughout the Day? http://t.co/rfaZl9shd6
Would You Date a Hot Guy or Girl With a Horrible Personality? http://t.co/qUMNav6Knv
Do you keep USB Flash Drive with you at all times? http://t.co/AZKqp1cZT1
Are you a Twitter addict? http://t.co/kDBnZDCE40
How many time do you spend on your SmartPhone http://t.co/lVwChbURlu
Should Russian troops pull out of Crimea? http://t.co/4djxLwHP3O
Do you think that Apple is on the downward slope? http://t.co/WzcEn4S4GJ
IOS or ANDROID? http://t.co/xmHoolRjjG
Does a Bride Have to Wear a White Dress to Her Wedding ? http://t.co/u29OJjRsdc
Are we becoming too reliant on technology? http://t.co/v0EkBnoF52
Does it still make sense to buy an e-reader with low cost tablets? http://t.co/XQgVnPzUBj
Discrimination Hurts? http://t.co/R7imCIWGvB
Are you worried by the outbreak of bird flu? http://t.co/sxfybgCPvo
Do you worry about online privacy? http://t.co/YKsq4oIQb1
Galaxy S4: Will you want it? http://t.co/TWiilKT2gc
Did Iraq War give birth to the Arab Spring? http://t.co/f0dyFZIYh5

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