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Beautiful Ingrid
Smiles for a Rainy Day
er..nah. I don't think so! VIDEO: Sleep Here for the Thrill of It! @weatherchannel
No-Sew DIY Curtains and Shades
A lot of fabulous, famous, and just-plain-cool women want you to do *one* thing. (via @Upworthy)
Wolfgang Laib Makes Art With Yellow Pollen Fields via @feedly
Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype) via @voxdotcom, #GOP, #teaparty
Sculptor Carol Milne Knits With Glass via @feedly
12 Stunningly Surreal Sculptures - My Modern Met
Ain’t It The Truth?!
The Joys of Abnormal Psych!
Paul McCartney unearths lost duet with John Bonham, "Beware My Love", #music, #Led Zeppelin, @Beatles, @PaulMccartney
Doctors Without Borders Auction Preview! via @ARTISTstacy
Doctors Without Borders Auction Preview!
When you're down for eating the jack-o'-lantern: via @PureWow #recipes
Jon THIS is a GUITARIST!! (WOW!) via @ARTISTstacy
Jon Gomm….now THIS is a GUITARIST!! (WOW!)
Now, THIS is a guitarist!! WOW !Jon Gomm - #guitars, #guitarist, #music, #acoustic, #Jon Gomm
RT @amireesh: Tell @McDonalds to fix its #McDeforestation problem before it's too late via @sumofus

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