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3. Outing #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp
Sparks Marina
A Little Blue Moon for Ya
Bestabeé Romero in Reno via @ARTISTstacy
Bestabeé Romero in Reno
All 169 Seinfeld Episodes, Ranked From Worst to Best via @vulture
Back in Reno Again....
CNN: Obama's Charleston eulogy: 'Amazing Grace'
As of today……
10 careers with the most psychopaths per capita via @Salon
Fox News must be stopped: Why its Charleston coverage has finally gone too far via @Salon
11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism | Alternet
Dear white allies after Charleston: Please understand this about your privilege via @Salon
19 Photos Of The Last Surviving Chinese Women With Bound Feet via @hayleycampbell
Obama shines on “WTF”: Maron’s intimate podcast could be a game-changer for American politics via @Salon
Day #21-Wet
21. Wet #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp
Read an excerpt from the new @LIFE special edition about the Grateful Dead via @TIMEHistory

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