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@Tuatha242 - And lucky dice necessary. I don't gamble...and besides, I've got a sure thang. :-)
@Tuatha242 - U should see some of mine! (spelling errors)...especially when I dictate texts into my phone verbally. Pretty funny stuff.
RT @Tuatha242: @ARTISTstacy haha! I meant lucky dice :) Hopefully luckier that my spelling errors :)
RT @OmCities: Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.
RT @DanielGennaoui: The incredible new Mural by DaLeast. Fantastic piece. Find the best #streetart here: #art http:/…
@SonjatMorgan - Perfect color! Beautiful woman.
RT @joseiswriting: "I can't believe what you say because I see what you do."--James Baldwin
@BetteMidler @ITV YAY!!!!
RT @UberFacts: Meditation and art therapy can change your brain and lower anxiety.
RT @FindInnerPeace: To purify our negative karma we need to apply the four opponent powers. - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
RT @DalaiLama: Patience as we wait to take action is a kind of compassionate mind. Impatience on the other hand can be a source of failure.
RT @DalaiLama: The value of compassion and forgiveness is not confined to matters of religion. These are human values that we shouldn’t neg…
RT @OmCities: Need a relaxing meditation RIGHT NOW? Check out @omcities!
RT @OmCities: For those wounded by civilization, yoga is the most healing salve
RT @OmCities: Wake up everyday feeling #calm. Meditation Immersion
RT @Guitarist_Mag: Want to know how a loop pedal could revolutionise your playing & songwriting? Watch the @THEBOSSUK video to find out htt…
Check out Juzzie Smith! #music, #JuzzieSmith
RT @Thejasongarner: What Is Courage? My new blog post is available here: #blog #courage #breathe #selflove http://t.…
Holding the vision. Trusting the process.

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