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RT @caitlinmoran: So the #nhsbill has been passed. I wonder which will now find it harder to survive: people with non-profitable illness ...
RT @caitlinmoran: I always enjoy International Women's Day - breaking up the last 100,000 International Men's Years for 24, short, happy ...
@TomAbbott83 wicked! yeah, im seeing greggs for another 4 hours on the arm this week hopefully. I'm off Friday! Lets do something good
@TomAbbott83 i demand a lunch date or at least coffee very soon. And not a 'date' date, obviously... hows the leg?
i am home. i have beer. that is all
I HAVE NO PANCAKES. end of the world
hopefully i've hit the bottom now. if its gonna get worse than this then i want out
unexpected lift home FTW
@TomAbbott83 sounds grand. my week is full too. Full of waterstones :(
got told i had a really good bum today. kind of made my day... oh dear.
@TomAbbott83 nah, i like facebook. just need to practice actually signing out... you up for a coffee at some point soon?
need to start using twitter again. @TomAbbott83 there a gaping hole in my online life without you :(
@Abs_83 woah, heavy evening. please look out for a critique sometime tomorrow. and a funny story about about tonight if you fancy it...
@Abs_83 i like it! I'll re-read tomorrow and send a critique. need to sleep on it first. i read it over an hour ago and its still on my mind
@Abs_83 i'll read it, send it on over. i think i have an email address listed on my facebook
these guys @LulzSec come watch the fun!
@carolitynski ello there Caroline! when you coming back to work you sciver
mmm, bank holiday off work. nice. Not looking forward to packing and cleaning though...

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