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Make Doors Shine: Rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off.
The flashy red sports car, now available in laundry room models, http://t.co/kimBrrj5z9 http://t.co/lfec64YDbN
@Lindz_Jack way to go!
@simoneamona congratulations!
The red lamps look like flames, don't they? https://t.co/xPk14dZ9ir
😁💚👍 https://t.co/LWBp2iEITe
The cookie can crumble all it wants, just not on the carpet.
Never skip a Miele. http://t.co/hb7vIFlizG http://t.co/KkhEiCeluv
@charmantchefant delish!!
Cleaning the stove of your dreams doesn't have to be a nightmare, http://t.co/Opaqf4lWU9 http://t.co/OJkz2ymE04
@kjlemaster perfect 👍
100% https://t.co/dd7KO2tZCT
Preshrunk clothes are proof we live in the future.
@marianacc14 #jealous
We all need a little more Nutella in our lives. Especially mixed in with our brownies. Yum! http://t.co/Vu18kgUmwZ
Pretty pink, http://t.co/092GjqxCil http://t.co/XY07Zbyiwl
So hot, you'll want to stay in the kitchen. http://t.co/06twFEI7GE http://t.co/QjOorEWgla
A day at the beach quickly turns into a week of finding sand EVERYWHERE
🍔❤🍔❤ https://t.co/6ASPHkD2v1
@SusanZisesGreen we want all those kitchens

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