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Yoga and chiropractic care often go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to back pain. Both believe in... https://t.co/oFrBLm7RbY
Want to know how the New England Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl? Was it Tom Brady? Was it Coach Belichick? Was... https://t.co/JrCybTDomy
The spine has a tremendous job, part of which is helping to keep you healthy. Show your spine the appreciation it... https://t.co/y4Cc8J20OV
We want to thank everyone who guessed the number of chocolates in our office jar during our Valentine's... https://t.co/DESI7HVngC
Stay healthy throughout all of your growth and life stages by coming in for adjustments regularly! We're here for... https://t.co/IGScR6B15B
The results of this inflammation study are exciting! Inflammation, which can be measured through certain markers,... https://t.co/j3bps36QP2
Celebrating Julia's birthday yesterday🍰 https://t.co/0AAaJBehEx
All you need is love and chiropractic! https://t.co/ctmkzWKajn
We are pleased to offer the Power Plate a vibrational therapy machine in our office. The benefits are numerous.... https://t.co/vTdJSc7Cl0
We love our patients and we want to help them achieve their goals of living a healthy and active life! Give back... https://t.co/jMbvKKILDn
Thank You Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC and Happylicious by Betsy for the amazingly delicious balls 😋 https://t.co/M8XKQWAX9b
Start each day with a grateful heart....and chocolate! Guess the number of choclate hearts in our Valentine's... https://t.co/utTDgO7E4Y
Back pain can result from numerous causes and far too many people learn to endure these symptoms instead of... https://t.co/eqpL2B2tLj
Check out the cake--- Shout out to Dr. Hunte's brother ( Shaun) and sister in law (Sarah) delicious gourmet... https://t.co/KtkL9IYDBw
Celebrating Jade and Baby Smith👣🍼 @
Congratulations to Shirley Zeno on winning our Active Health Center Super Bowl Pool! Enjoy the MVP Gift Basket!... https://t.co/LTmEo78Jh6
Chiropractic care can have a positive impact on your heart health. By restoring the communication channels of... https://t.co/MxHQviR8qx
Thank you Sylvie Patrick You rock!! https://t.co/NIsBuumrO3
Every team in the NFL has a Chiropractor on staff. Chiropractic is not just for those in pain. Team chiropractors... https://t.co/qyugQGH3gX
A foam roller can be a great tool used to relieve muscle tightness or trigger points. Most lifestyles, especially... https://t.co/PYAnAxqYfD

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