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Find out why it's time that you prioritize your patient engagement efforts.
Healthcare #podcasts enable you to learn about new ailments, procedures, policies, and news while on the go.
Here's a fact-based comparison between paper-based systems and #EHR patient files management.
There really isn't a one-size-fits-all #EHR for mental services.
As a healthcare professional, you’re charged with safeguarding their private, sensitive information.
The Vital Role Patient Portal Access Plays In An Outcome-Based #Healthcare Model
It’s difficult to imagine a contemporary industry that doesn't rely on computers and customized software anymore.
Get the Most Out of Your Electronic Health Records System with These 3 Tips
Here are pros and cons of #EHR that will help your team in the decision-making process.
An alternative to handling #EHR software on your end is to partner with a company that will host your application.
Here are four ways that #EHR voice recognition features improve internal efficiency for #healthcare organizations.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act mandates that medical practices safeguard patient data.
To better serve patients, physicians must focus on patient engagement as an avenue to improve outcomes.
#EHR software saves practices time and money, as well as improved communication:
The more you understand your organization’s #EHR software, the more useful it will be to your team.
Learn why excellent communication improves patient experiences.
There really isn't a one-size-fits-all #EHR for mental services.
Managing your revenue stream starts with viewing #healthcare from a patient lens.
Five key features every mental health practitioner should look for when evaluating EHR options.
Read on for details about how your practice can start to reduce data entry mistakes today.

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Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS) provides Medical Billing, Electronic Medical Records (EHR/EMR), Practice Management and RIS/PACS Software.

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