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6.50 USD

Sweet Pink Grapefruit Soap - Crisp, clean, sweet, and tart all mixed together! Pink Grapefruit just bursts with flavor when wet. The top of the soap bar has a dusting of glitter, because we all like a little glam in our lives.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit is made using the Cold Process method. I use the finest oils and butters to make this highly moisturizing soap. Made with a high percentage of Olive Oil, this soap is also 100% vegan. This soap is made with essential oils.

This listing is for one bar of soap. The bar of soap is approx 6 ounces and will come tucked inside a wax bag. Need your soap gift wrapped? Please choose the option to have your beautiful soap wrapped in custom paper, or a muslin bag.

Handmade soap needs to be kept away from standing water. Please use a well draining soap dish so you can enjoy many, many wonderful baths\/showers with my soap!

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Why not pair this with some moisturizing Sugar Scrub for a wonderful gift set!

Or some Solid Lotion:

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26.00 USD

Unscented Laundry Soap - all natural, environmentally friendly laundry soap. This soap is perfect for those looking for an alternative to harsh, highly scented laundry detergent.

My laundry soap is all natural, eco friendly and gentle enough for baby clothes and cloth diapers. Your clothes will come out smelling very fresh and clean! Good for you and good for the environment!

My laundry soap is made from my own cold process coconut soap. 100% coconut soap is very cleansing without any added oils to attach to your clothes during washing. Each bar is hand shaved to a fine powder. Washing powder, and borax are added for cleaning power. After mixing, the batch is ground again to produce a well blended powder soap.

Vegan friendly, my soap is perfect for washing in cold, warm, or hot water.
Usage rate:
1TBS - front loading machines (two TBS for heavy soiled clothing)
2 TBS - top loading machines

Your laundry soap will come in a heavy glass bale jar, which is perfect to give as a gift, or to keep in your laundry room! This jar will wash approximately 80 - 100 loads

Ingredients: handmade shredded pure 100% coconut soap, borax, washing soda.

I like to add white vinegar in my washing machine (instead of fabric softener) for extra soft clothing. I use 1/8 cup, or less, in my front loading machine.

Makes a great gift for Baby Showers! Your laundry soap will come with a rope tie, and all ingredients and directions included. Please let me know if this will be a gift, and I will include a gift card at no cost.

This listing is for one 32oz glass bale jar

Pick up a few refill bags here:

Some fun facts about handmade laundry soap:

- 100% Natural and Vegan
- Does not contain chemicals and petroleum products
- Great for HE machines
- Safe for the environment, biodegradable
- Safe for septic systems
- Phosphate and sulfate free
- Great for all skin types

20.00 USD

Custom scented body wash- pick your own scent! Mix and match your scent for a custom scent all your own!

My castile soap is made with fresh local ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which is often used as a foaming agent. SLS has been known to cause allergic reactions in many people.

This listing is for a large 16oz clear bottle of custom scented Body Wash. It comes with an easy to use pump for ease of use in the shower or bath. Your body wash is carefully measured when packaged. 16 ounce may not fill the entire bottle all the way to the top, but rest assured that you are getting a full 16 ounces of body wash.

A (*) next to a scent choice indicates that the scent will turn the color of the soap a darker amber color. Vanilla tends to darken soap, and many fragrances have vanilla.

Pour a little on your washcloth, or a scrubbie, and remember a little goes a long way. Because this body wash does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (a bubbling agent often found in store bought soap), your body wash will not produce large bubbles. It will leave you feeling fresh and clean, but without stripping your body of it's natural skin barrier.

Pick your scent in the drop box above. If you wish a custom blend, put your choice of scents in your Notes To Seller. A few blends I that enjoy are:

Peppermint Lavender
Pumpkin Lavender
Lavender Vanilla
Cucumber Mint

Body wash is a wonderful gift for almost any occasion. Pick up a few for those last minute gifts!

Why not pair a body wash with a custom body butter!
Or a Solid Lotion Bar!

18.00 USD

Patchouli Orange Vanilla is a unique blend of sweet citrus and earthy rich dark patchouli with a touch of vanilla. The blend is intoxicating and it is a wonderful unisex blend.

Organic body butter is a moisturizing cream that is very thick and which is intended to provide optimum amounts of skin hydration.Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, body butter provides a natural and healthier way to nourish the skin.

Perfect for facial care, after shaving care, or for an all over moisturizer!

My body butter is packaged in a clear, safe 8 ounce jar with a black ripped top.

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5.75 USD

Green Tea Soap - a beautiful, sweet and slightly herbal bar that not only is perfect for a shower/bath soap, but it's also perfect to use on your face! Green Tea Soap is gentle enough for your face and won't strip your skin of its natural oils.

ABreathOfFrenchAir's handmade soap are made using the cold process method, which retains all the naturally-occurring glycerin of the saponification process. The oils used are all vegetable based, so vegetarians can feel comfortable knowing that no animal fats are present. This is just what your skin is asking for.

Green Tea is a limited edition soap so don't wait too long to snatch this up!

This listing is for one bar of Green Tea soap. Choose from two sizes - a 3.5 ounce bar, or a 6 ounce bar. My bars come wrapped and labeled with all ingredients used and will come tucked inside a wax bag. Need your soap gift wrapped? Choose the option for Paper Wrap, or muslin bag, in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Handmade soap needs to be kept away from standing water. Please use a well draining soap dish so you can enjoy many, many wonderful baths/showers with my soap!

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12.00 USD

A favorite for many, Black Raspberry Vanilla is such classic scent. This scent is a blend of blackberries, bergamot, and juicy pears with a touch of vanilla and musk. I love to use this an an all over body moisturizer, especially on my face and neck.

Body butter is wonderful to use as protection against dry cracked skin, especially during cold weather. I like to use it after taking a shower to lock in moisture before getting dressed.
Body butter is especially nice to use on your face and neck, and as an all over moisturizer.

You will receive a 4 ounce jar of Black Raspberry Vanilla body butter.

More body butter scents:

Why not pair this with some soap!

Everyone loves body wash!

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7.00 USD

Coconut Milk soap has a sweet delectable scent of creamy sweet coconut! A wonderful tropical summer scent for those that like sweet scents. This soap reminds me of the time I spent a summer in Hawaii!

Made in small batches, my soap produces an abundance of creamy white lather, perfect for sensitive skin that needs extra moisturizing. It's also perfect for shaving!

Now Palm Free, my soap is made with fresh local ingredients, including organic shea butter and raw organic cocoa butter.

Your bar of soap will come wrapped with all ingredients listed. Want your soap ready to give? Select the Custom Paper Wrap, or you can purchase a muslin bag for just $2.00

You will receive one large bar of soap, weighing approx 5.5 ounces. If you find this bar too large to use, it can easily be cut in half.

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8.00 USD

Lemongrass Sage is a refreshing blend of sweet grass and soft sage. This scent is perfect for when you need a pick me up!

Lemongrass Sage body butter is a rich creamy butter that when applied, quickly absorbs into your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. As an all over body butter, it may be used on your face, feet, and anywhere in between!

Lemongrass Sage comes in an airless pump bottle, which is perfect for travel! Airless pump bottles keep your body butter fresh by protecting it from too much exposure to air. When you depress the pump it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. When using your pump for the first time, snap off the protective tab and pump the bottle a few times.

This listing is for one ( 1.8 ounce) airless pump bottle.

Body butter makes a wonderful gift! Here is what others have said about my body butter:

"Wonderful thick and creamy lotion, smell is delicate and clean - I will purchase again!"

"LOVE! I have very sensitive skin and have been using this on my face, I haven't broken out at all! And it smells amazing"

8.75 USD

Wake up and smell the Mint Soap! I can't think of a better way to wake up! Fresh and minty,instant gratification, bathing elation!!

My Peppermint Heart Shaped soaps make perfect soaps for your guest bathroom, or would be great to use as a "thank you" to your Etsy customers!

Heart Shaped soaps are made as ordered, so each batch will vary slightly in color.

Made with saponified oils of coconut, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, Sorbitol, Palm, Castor, peppermint essential oil, ground herbs

You will receive 15 Heart Shaped Mint Soap. Each soap weighs approx .4 ounce, for a total of over 6 ounces! They are each one inch long and one inch wide. *ceramic bowl not included.

3.95 USD

Sweet, tropical Coconut lip balm! Very lightly flavored for those that want just a hint of flavor!

A Breath Of French Air's lip balms are made with pure, fresh, local oils and butters. Organic Raw Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter add moisturizing properties that will keep your lips soft and smooth.

You will receive one lip balm. Each round (.15oz) lip balm is shrink wrapped for your protection.

Need more than one? Save on price and shipping with my bundle of lip balms:

Happy customers have commented on their lip balms:

* It's like a mini spa vacation every time I use this lip balm. Love it.
* Wonderful lip balm,so creamy and hydrating.Tastes good too!
* Always amazing!!! Thanks for the yummy apple! My fav of this batch is the watermelon. They are all great!!!!!!

Lip balms are wonderful to give as gifts! Give a bundle, or attach one to a gift!

* Easter
* Wedding Favor
* Birthday
* Hostess

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