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3.95 USD

Sweet chocolate with a touch of orange! Such a sweet treat for any chocolate lover, and without any calories too!

Shea butter is one of the main ingredients in Chcolate Orange lip balm. Shea Butter will protect your lips from dry and irritating weather conditions. I like to keep one in my car, one by my bed side, one in my purse...well, you get the idea!

Pick up several for gifts this year! They are perfect little gifts to tuck inside a card, or to give out as last minute gifts.

This listing is for one round lip balm. Each lip balm holds .15 ounce and will come shrink wrapped for your protection. Simply twist off the cap, which will release it from the tube and will keep the protective wrap over the bottom of the tube.

Save by picking up a bundle of lip balms:

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90.00 USD

Lip balms are wonderful gifts to give as Wedding Shower favors, Baby Shower Favors, Gender reveal parties, or as Birthday Party favors. Tuck one in each of your Etsy orders as a thank you. Having your shop info on each lip balm is a great way to get your shop name noticed!

My lip balms will make an impression on all those that receive one!

This listing is for 30 custom lip balms. Each lip balm is a standard .15 ounce twist up lip tube. Each tube will come shrink wrapped for protection.

** Choose your flavor in the drop down menu on the upper right hand corner of this page.

I will create a custom label for you using your information such as:

Please allow 2 weeks for the custom lip balms to be made. I will design your label, and submit for your approval before printing.

My lip balms are made with fresh local olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, raw organic cocoa butter, avocado oil, fragrance, and essential oils.

Need less than 30 lip balms?
15 lip balms:
3 lip balms:

Need more the 30 lip balms?

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12.00 USD

Sweet Pea Body Butter - one of my favorite flowers to grow in the garden! Their blossoms contain the most lovely, powdery floral scent! My Sweet Pea Soap also has a touch of hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine. If you love floral scents, you will love my Sweet Pea Body Butter!

Body butter is a moisturizing cream that is very thick and which is intended to provide optimum amounts of skin hydration.Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, body butter provides a natural and healthier way to nourish the skin.

Perfect for facial care, after shaving care, or for an all over moisturizer!

You will receive your body butter in a 4 oz clear jar with a black lid.

For more body butters:

Save by purchasing a sample set of four:

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What past customers have said about their body butter purchase:

* Love this lotion. I keep coming back for more! Thank you.
* Ohh my..smells, so good, i wanna take a bite :)) and it's great on my skin.Totally recommend it!!! Thank you, Elizabeth!!
* This body butter makes my hands so soft, and it also lasts for a while! Love it!

3.95 USD

Icing is the BEST part of a piece of cake! Fluffy, sweet, and so buttery. Imagine biting into a cupcake slathered in pink frosting!

Shea Butter has wonderful moisturizing properties, and will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth.

Pick up one for your purse/pocket, one for the bedroom, one for the get the idea!

This listing is for one lip balm, weighing approx .15 ounce. My lip balms come shrink wrapped.

Need more than one? Check out my bundle listing of lip balms and save on shipping!

Bundle of lip balms:

More lip balm flavors:

Lip balm also make wonderful gifts! I like to tuck them inside gift cards for a special surprise!

18.00 USD

Coconut Lime is a luscious blend of juicy, tart limes, and sweet coconut! This blend is refreshing and relaxing. A perfect scent for Spring and Summer!

Coconut Lime is a moisturizing cream that is very thick and which is intended to provide optimum amounts of skin hydration.Filled with essential vitamins and nutrients, body butter provides a natural and healthier way to nourish the skin.

Why not pair my body butter with Coconut Lime solid lotion bar!

Perfect for facial care, after shaving care, or for an all over moisturizer!

You will receive your body butter in a 8 oz clear jar with a black lid. After payment has been received, your package will be mailed in 2 to 3 days in a bubble envelope.

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10.95 USD

Cucumber whipped soap is a creamy soap in a jar! Fluffy, whipped, creamy soap that is so moisturizing, it is perfect for shaving! Cucumber is such a fresh scent, which is perfect for waking up in the morning!

Rich and moisturizing, this vegan friendly, fluffy whipped bath soap has a creamy lather without tons of bubbles. Using a wash cloth, or bath scrubbie, scoop a small amount onto your hand (or wash cloth), and enjoy this refreshing scent!

A wonderful alternative to bar soaps and shower gels. Suitable for all skin types.

This listing is for one eight ounce jar of creamy whipped soap, which comes in a non breakable plastic clear jar. These are great for travel, as they are light weight and mess free! I like to use mine at the mess soap!

Cucumber whipped soap is a perfect gift to give! I like to give whipped soap for:

Birthday gifts
Mother's Day gift
Thank You gifts
Christmas gifts
Father's Day gifts

For more whipped soap scents:

Why not pair this with Cucumber solid lotion bar for a gift set!

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4.75 USD

Citrus White Tea Deodorant is a classic blend of citrus notes of yuzu, lemon, bergamot, and ginger. Earl Grey tea, rose, nutmeg, and geranium round out the scent with touches of musk and berries. Citrus White Tea is a nice refreshing scent to start your morning off with!

A Breath Of French Air's natural deodorants are non-staining, non-oily, non-messy, gentle on your skin, and will leave your body order free.

Citrus White Tea natural deodorant neutralizes the enzymes that cause odor. Your skin, and body, will thank you for using healthy and natural ingredients. The scent is refreshing, but light and comfortable to wear all day.

* No Aluminum
* No Parabens
* No Petroleum Byproducts
* No Preservatives
* No Baking Soda

Effective odor protection, using all natural ingredients.

** Please Note: This is not an antiperspirant. Citrus White Tea deodorant will still allow your body to naturally sweat. This deodorant is very effective at keeping you odor free and feeling fresh!

Please be aware that re application may be necessary during the day for the first few weeks until your body adjusts from using an antiperspirant to using your new deodorant. Re-apply as needed. Re-application needs should taper as the body adjusts.

For more deodorant scents click here:

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12.00 USD

A favorite for many, Black Raspberry Vanilla is such classic scent. This scent is a blend of blackberries, bergamot, and juicy pears with a touch of vanilla and musk. I love to use this an an all over body moisturizer, especially on my face and neck.

Body butter is wonderful to use as protection against dry cracked skin, especially during cold weather. I like to use it after taking a shower to lock in moisture before getting dressed.
Body butter is especially nice to use on your face and neck, and as an all over moisturizer.

You will receive a 4 ounce jar of Black Raspberry Vanilla body butter.

More body butter scents:

Why not pair this with some soap!

Everyone loves body wash!

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7.50 USD

Soft and subtle, Baby Buttermilk has a scent of fresh fruits and sweet honey. The scent is relaxing and comforting, and is one of my best sellers!

Solid lotion bars are wonderful to use as hand balms and are especially nice for dry cuticles. Lotion bars are nice to use as a whole body balm. I love to use them on my feet and elbows!

Pumpkin Lavender Shea Butter Lotion Bars are preservative free and are made with high quality, soothing oils that are great for your dry skin. Lotion bars are perfect for anyone who works with rough materials, or for frequently washed hands.

** During warmer months, the lotion bar may melt during transit, and the bee design may disappear. If your package arrives during warm weather, place the lotion bar in a cool place for 30 minutes before opening.

Made with fresh butters and oils, my bars include shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E oil, and avocado oil for intense moisturizing capabilities.

Gently rub the bar in your hands. You will feel the warmth of your hand gently releasing the butters and oils in the bar. Using your hands, or the bar, gently rub over dry skin areas.

This listing is for one solid lotion bar tucked inside a reusable tin container. The lotion bar weighs 2 ounces and is 2 inches wide.

Lotion bars are perfect for travel, to keep in your purse, or office drawer. Pick up a few....keep several for you and give a few as gifts!

Solid lotion bars are wonderful to give as gifts! They are small enough for a Christmas Stocking, or will fit perfectly inside a new pair of jeans!

Why not grab a few for: Co workers, baby sitters, friends, teens, or a few for yourself!

6.50 USD

French Linen is a fresh clean scent that will remind you of fresh laundry just taken down off the line! Clean, fresh, ozone scent that is perfect for the summer!

This soap was made by scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

This listing is for one bar of soap. The bar of soap is approx 6 ounces and will come tucked inside a wax bag. Need your soap gift wrapped? Please choose the option to have your beautiful soap wrapped in custom paper, or a muslin bag.

Handmade soap needs to be kept away from standing water. Please use a well draining soap dish so you can enjoy many, many wonderful baths\/showers with my soap!

Pick up one for yourself, and one as a gift!

Handmade soap makes a wonderful gift! Please let me know if this is a gift and I will include a gift card at no extra expense.

For more soap scents, click here:

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