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@DustinAventHolt @TheFIREorg @HdxAcademy Recent case of concern w/adjunct instructor https://t.co/j9OIbfWJoM… https://t.co/2AzZ82GDKN
RT @ui7news: .@AAUP removes U of I @Illinois_Alma from censure list over #stevenSalaita controversy https://t.co/eUUO92TgJO https://t.co/D8…
.@JessieNYC & @SteinArlene on why institutions & beyond must defend #faculty speech https://t.co/9du2OsYlrK #1u #academicfreedom #highered
Old Criticisms, New Threats https://t.co/XsTjvTEXS0 #academicfreedom #highered
Faculty groups alarmed by potential impact of new TSA plan for screening carry-on luggage https://t.co/2NkeayHVsx
RT @chronicle: "That’s not what I said" won’t save you, once the outrage machine is stirred. https://t.co/n10ziY3oX1
RT @DanielPAldrich: #Wesleyan and the #Klan @AAUP @insidehighered @BrownPhDGirl @SLaurelWeldon https://t.co/9Pe8Z1OQIi https://t.co/W4cr1Ca…
RT @DrIbram: My latest essay @nytimes about why #blackdeathmatters to the life and lie of America. It will be in print tomorrow. https://t.…
RT @michaelvocino: Stand with the @aaup against threats and harassment on our campuses. Sign on.https://t.co/ZCkcCOqthS #msnbc @billyd16 @w…
RT @LeahAkinsPhD: Join me & @AAUP, stand against campus threats & harassment. Strive for diversity of thought & challenge w/o violence http…
Condemning threats against faculty https://t.co/fhg9JVCOmY #johnnywilliams
RT @jwjnational: New data dramatically shows the rich continuing to get richer while working people's wages remain stagnant. https://t.co/1…
RT @PSC_CUNY: This issue of Clarion: Organizing in the face of "Janus," a film re: surveillance of Muslims @BklynCollege411 & more https://…
@psccunygc @EssexCountyNwk @Lisardurden This is not one we are discussing publicly at this time. For more details o… https://t.co/tLPy6ITRPx
@psccunygc @EssexCountyNwk @Lisardurden We often work behind the scenes to try to resolve situations favorably. For… https://t.co/NL4xiMrDQf
@psccunygc @EssexCountyNwk @Lisardurden We are regularly contacted by faculty members and reach out to them with a range of concerns
RT @kayaoakes: Why do so many Catholic colleges exploit their adjunct faculty and block unionization? My latest at @RDispatches https://t.c…
"My only aim was to bring awareness ... and to inspire others to address these kinds of injustices." https://t.co/koLnJWnpki
Signal Boost: How Conservative Media Outlets Turn Faculty Viewpoints Into National News https://t.co/6ZIJ9SsojH
RT @ConditionAccept: @AAUP Condemns Threats Against Faculty Members https://t.co/lXJvxCPdhq

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