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Mobile is making its move. Apparently Mobile Facebook users beat out desktop FB users for the first time. Not... http://t.co/BHTRuku5
Do you know what your site is doing? Easy quick tools to check out: Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster... http://t.co/yaYJEYKm
TGIF ... don't forget to Google yourself today!
Google yourself! Type your business name into Google, do you see your competition? If not, great! BUT it doesn't... http://t.co/yMcvtjcb
101 Recap: If you're linking anything in your content don't just use one word, here's your chance to link a good... http://t.co/yxvdDAkq
If you build a business, you advertise to get your name out there ... If you build a website, wouldn't you do the same?
Looking for some recommendation support for UPO. We have several important meetings coming up that will dictate h…http://t.co/yKmavRRo
Microsoft invested in Facebook. Microsoft bought Skype. Skype powered video chat coming to a Facebook profile near you in 5-4-3....
Good Info. Absorb. http://fb.me/XT0b75BR
If you get the Web Maestro monthly, here's some good follow up information about Nathan Lyle's article mentioning... http://fb.me/T400qKvH
Are you looking forward to being able to pay for things with your phone? http://fb.me/u7a98ooC
Is it Monday?!? http://fb.me/GB4UXEWv
What do you think about the LinkedIn IPO? Priced at almost 17 times 2010 Revenue! $243M in revenue and $3.4M... http://fb.me/UX5sVDRv
What's that? You have pictures of the U.P. you want to share by tagging Upper Peninsula Overland? Well, now you... http://fb.me/Nr2ey2YM
Looks like Microsoft is grabbing Skype! Thinking of the double rainbow video from last fall: "What does it all... http://fb.me/QlQq312m
Hey! Those look like Upper Peninsula Overland photos :) http://fb.me/Z3qLS87w
What's your favorite Smartphone App? http://fb.me/JPpIwNdy
http://yfrog.com/h2hl8huxj Shouldnt this #russianspyplane be gone from #marquette by now!?!
Great letter of support from #grandmarais historical society 2day for #cusinolake !!
RT @ourboundary: new blog about #childpsychology encouraging children to have a dream. HOPE IS HOPE : http://tinyurl.com/childdreams

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