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World Population Clock: 7 Billion People (2015)
IBM Investing $3B in Internet of Things //
Did you know that I started the #TwitterTools hashtag? Learn more here.
How To Enjoy Twitter Without Working Yourself Into A Frothing Rage //
"A little finesse can go a long way."
51 years ago, 'Jeopardy!' debuted.
"Now remember kids the Internet is serious business." #quote Isaac Asimov
Pro tip: Private Group Conversations on Twitter // Provides communication between "non followers"
The people you follow on Twitter are boring – here are 25 new follows to fix that
Antigravity orgasms and erections in space... Let's Talk About Sex in Space.
IOS apps need more "open in chrome"
Signs and symbols: the names of punctuation marks.
The Ultimate Guide to Ideal Image Sizes for Social Media Posts //
"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far." #quote - T. Roosevelt
Burning Fossil Fuels Is the 'Dumbest Experiment in History, By Far'
Spam operation on Twitter used 750,000 fake Twitter accounts.
RT @twitter: Introducing @periscopeco, a new app to share & experience live video from your mobile phone: http://t.…
Twitter to Surpass Yahoo in U.S. Display Ad Revenue //
20 years ago, the first public wiki was launched. It was called WikiWikiWeb.
Why Isn't There A Standard Share Icon? /via @mariospost

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