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Facebook wants to use lasers to beam the internet from drones in the sky
VLC gains Apple Watch controller, mini-player, support...
We now need a search function for 'emoji' too many emoji's !!!
Facebook Is Keeping Closer Tabs on the Videos You Watch -
Here's who is using Twitter around the world - #infographic
Facebook’s latest News Feed change improves personalization of video content
Google's self-driving cars are accident-prone – but it may not be their fault
I see the world 'in full color' #stopbullying
Summer in Montreal is like finally finding your way back to planet Earth. It's about time! Blue skies and fluffy white clouds... Beautiful.
Our city garden is blooming! Nice!
What Happens When You Close iPhone Apps /via/ Wired
Get Lost in Tumblr TV's Full-Screen GIFs -
#Spoofchat Now available 24/7 in real-time!
Instagram to Offer Millions of Current Events Photos -
How Twitter can help you recruit tech talent -
Study: 6th mass extinction already under way.
Earth is on brink of a sixth mass extinction, and it’s humans’ fault
Is Earth Undergoing Its Sixth Mass Extinction?
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