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"Canadians to See Super Bowl Ads---in 2017"
79 years ago, the first Baseball Hall of Fame inductees were made.
SoundCloud's iPad app gets a fresh redesign, loses recording capabilities -
Imgur Releases A Fast Video-To-GIF Converter -
57 years ago, Lego patented the design of the Lego brick.
New features for Twitter and Snapchat (video)
FCC Prohibits Blocking of Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots -
@AndreiBoghita Let me know your progress. I'm a "righty" but I've trained my left hand extensively. The right/left brain is another story.
A child's biology, through antibodies, may have the capacity to mutate any known viral infection and make into a new threat for adults.
"World must prepare for 'war' against a global pandemic" Bill Gates - Interview
How to become an ambidextrous neuroscientist (video)
Read this because !Important stuff --> FTC to Internet of Stuff: Security, do you speak it?
Years later... A better standard. #developers YouTube drops Flash for HTML5 -
Future Foundation: Fantastic 4 ... Origins -
When online plagiarism becomes common knowledge.. Everyone’s stealing jokes.
Today's table wine of choice...
Decided not to dice them. Now I "kill the onions!" ...
YouTube Now Streams HTML5 Video By Default -
48 years ago, the treaty banning the use of nuclear weapons in space was signed.
Snapchat Brings You Curated News Content with Discover -

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