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RT @hockeynight: After 40 minutes, the @CanadiensMTL lead the @TBLightning 3-1. What do you think of the game so far? #Habs #Lightning #hoc…
Magic hockey powers activate! #Hockeynight
Ya know what I'm saying ...
@bertholdb I like that it has 'southern style' recipes, like Louisiana BBQ shrimp.
@bertholdb the marinade does look tasty.. Everything looks tasty! :)
@lim9t that'd be nice a twist.
RT @jenclas: #FF @Matthew_Dowling @9swords @cindyvriend @jentanbernardus @HaidaPrincess @gaksdesigns @ARTweestic @imaginif @Mark_Sheldon
Picked up a new book. Big fan!
@lim9t I agree. Nine swords would make a cool title. :)
Deep space..
@SophieGiroux @Restomeson ... Looks yummy :) Pois chiche?
That awkward moment on twitter where you "like" that post but you can't.
Speaking of "LP" @danieltosh ... @howiemandel does the Watusi ---> Wait for it...
100% inspired! @Pharrell !EPIC! Every living person should do a little dance to your song. For the sake of music, dancing and happiness. <3
Here's what we're going with.. Countdown to pop !!
Love and appreciate the support of my twitter friends. <3 &hearts; Wonderful champaign ,,, happy bday :)
Nice design ...
"WORD", a project on @Behance ::
Looks like the net and its many interfaces are changing and evolving again. Makes me want to contribute to the future as a web designer.

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