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Christopher Walken Was A Child Clown (photos)
Amazing Little Flip Books Use Negative Space and Secret Compartment:
No More Broken iPhones? Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4 -
Yada, Yada, Yada in a Post-Seinfeld World —
Why YouTube Videos Go Viral --
Facebook 'newspaper' spells trouble for media
That moment when you opened Twitter instead of Facebook and thought, who is this person?
Why polar vortex, why.
Holiday weekend stuff: Do yourself a favour, watch Gremlins -
Here's the banana...
Aww... He's asleepin.
Lvl 3 beard is eminent... #Movember2014
This Drunk Man Tackling a Drone Is Basically John Connor -
Harvard Scientists Say It's Time To Start Thinking About Engineering the Climate -
Streaming Photoshop: Adobe’s plan to bring PS to the cloud |
The Jimmy Kimmel and Freddie Wong Martial Arts Battle (video)
The Camera Rosetta Is Using to Explore a Comet Is Outdated
Let's get physical.. /via Ping
The medieval mentality of modern science |
Seems more like modern farmer lingo. "My feed is all organic" lol

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