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@AllenJlawson Found your new email here and forwarded the message.
@neuegram Hey Graham. Bummer about those agencies. We'd be interested in talking with you. Send an email to ben (at) 9mil.es.
@AllenJlawson Hey Allen, @ben_armstrong sent you an email yesterday. We'd love to talk about some possibilities.
RT @JoelDrapper: Made a polyfill for box-sizing:border-box in IE7 https://t.co/6dJzNsXg
@Jozzify Indeed!
@Dept9 WP makes this easy but some of the others, we never got around to because of the difficulty of parsing the latest version from HTML.
@Dept9 The main thing it needs is for everything to be set up to scrape directly from their sites rather than copies we host.
@Dept9 Hi, It's already on GitHub. You can find it here. Really needs some work :P We just don't have time right now. https://t.co/juqtpC5u
RT @andybudd: Why I think most web design agencies suck - http://t.co/gdGt1Ycs
@indieoutloud As far as I know it works great with WordPress still but some of the other ones are a bit out of date.
@indieoutloud Thanks. It's getting a little out of date. We need to do some more work on it sometime. Glad you found it useful.
Might want to checkout a little tool we made to make it super easy to install systems like WordPress on your site http://t.co/u2EIvhHK
We're looking to hire a part-time sales rockstar! http://t.co/QOWddJ2s
@fin1te Well done. We could all do well to heed this advice sometimes :)
Blog Update: Part time sales position http://t.co/fCpgCS5
RT @boagworld: Dear Apple. Mission control, spaces and full screen apps are cool but please let me rearrange the order of my spaces. Tha ...

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9miles Media is a small, dynamic graphic and web design group comprised of creative teenage entrepreneurs (age 14-17) from all over the world.

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