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Great social media tools recommended by the pros
The urban legend of free social marketing
Ultimate wearable tech: NASA using 3D printing to design Mars spacesuit
Social media spending is on the rise but, impact is hard to measure
Thad Stamer ~ Wearable tech pioneer
Remote patient monitoring market set for growth
Twitter timelines are now more than who you follow
Google recognizes that its plan for gaming domination hinges on how people pay
How the sharing economy can help in emergencies
Emerging markets driving global smartphone growth
Social media spelling sweet success for Cinnabon
Reddit makes AMA sessions easier to digest with new official app
Some of the worst email subject lines ever
Beacon-enabled mannequins revamping in-store experience
Sales still matter more than social media
The role of wearable tech in future mobile marketing
CVS Health is a reminder that retail pharmacies don’t want to just be retail pharmacies anymore
Big Data ~ A prescription for improving the quality of healthcare
Travis Bond of CareSync says so.much is.changing in healthcare that ppl shd collaborate more than compete #QuantifiedTpa
Wearable tech is plugging into health insurance - #QuantifiedTPA

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