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RT @Andrew7000 Indeed. Often govt & biz leaders too short-term in thinking & strategies, absent bold visions ... #innochat
+1,RT @PanteliT A5: Innovators need #mindshift to eco-system thinking: long-term, sustainable, social innovation. #CSR #innochat
RT @BIFcxl Q5: How can innovators utilize the power of self-organizing networks within and outside government? #innochat
RT @Toolbx #Detroit is a great example of grassroots community enterprises and innovations spawned through need.#innochat
RT @elithechef civic innovation w/out crisis #innochat
A4 Ppl can find each other thru networking, prof groups, soc media, Meetups, events and conferences. Key is to start looking. #innochat
RT @BIFcxl Q4: How do self-organizing purposeful networks of citizens form? #innochat
RT @Andrew7000 A3: ...often silent majority who don't opening engage at comm'y level. Prob is vocal minority can hijack agenda #innochat
@skap5 Maybe sad but ppl have busy lives these days and it's very hard to keep up w/ every issue that affects gov't #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins What is 311 hotline? RT @huntm: A3. #Minneapolis implemented 311 gov't hotline that has been a huge success. #innochat
@Renee_Hopkins Maybe not as much as you think. A few people can really make a difference. #innochat
RT @BIFcxl RT @Andrew7000: A3: When issues impact quality of life directly, citizens engage. Strong comm's built on 360 degree… #innochat
A3 A small core of ppl can surface others and network within the community to build awareness among both ppl and gov't #innochat

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