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What happened when Marissa Meyers tried to be Steve Jobs
IBM makes cognitive computing and advanced analytics available to all
RT @wbendle: Great being able to catch up with the Innocats today! Fabulous topic @Renee_Hopkins ! #innochat
+1 RT @Ken_Rosen I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and great new year. And I'm optimistic you will. #innochat
RT @wbendle: Hope is like thought - we can choose to have hope and we are free to choose how we think - they are not a given #innochat
RT @JohnWLewis: @4byoung It can do, although courage and fear often go together, as in: "feel the fear, and do it anyway" @SunilMalhotra #i…
RT @Ken_Rosen: Nice close for hope chat John ;-) MT @JohnWLewis: @wbendle "Hoot's Law": however bad things are, u can make them worse! #inn…
RT @jcufaude: I do like that hope is a renewable resource. #innochat
@CreativeSage Imp point. Hard to be hopeful if U surround yourself with people who feel hopeless & not open to other posibilities #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins: One more resource: The Snyder Theory of Hope - #innochat
@JohnWLewis @SunilMalhotra Fear is a part but it's more like closing all doors to all possibilities. #innochat
RT @PriyankaMylari: A4) When we hav the treasure of hope, we can draw our inner potential and strength. A person of hope can always advanc…
RT @cherylannmc: On the relationship point - innovation is often sparked by conversation, needing a community to be part of @Renee_Hopkins …
RT @JohnWLewis: A4 Hope can be generated by acting and seeing that one can change outcomes (however small and even if in the wrong directio…
+1 RT @AskWhatNext A4 Hope is created by not accepting that where you are now is where you'll always be. #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins: 3. Learning how to cope 4. Developing a sense of personal spirituality 5. Finding your mission in life #innochat
RT @CreativeSage: A4 The vital question—being able to build or create hope means achieving small steps on the way, and to keep learning and…
RT @Renee_Hopkins: From my research: 5 ways to create hope - 1. Building positive relationships 2. Establishing goals #innochat
RT @CreativeSage: A3 Ideally, not all innovations are born from crises. We need to think ahead and avoid crises, too. #innochat

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