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RT @JohnWLewis @shiny_penny Yes, Formula E and Formula 1 are getting closer than most people realise! @4byoung @ariyares #innochat
@joshmccormack @shiny_penny @ariyares @JohnWLewis @NPR There's a Facebook group for Innochat. #innochat
RT @JohnWLewis: @4byoung Yes, we've had large pump-storage power stations for decades and they could be developed on a smaller scale. #inno…
RT @shiny_penny @4byoung @ariyares @JohnWLewis #innochat look at how prius adds electricity to battery when using braking system...
@shiny_penny @joshmccormack @ariyares @JohnWLewis @NPR Will think abt that. How would it work when prices keep fluctating? #innochat
@shiny_penny @JohnWLewis Pump water up to a higher point w/alt energy & use when needed #innochat
@ariyares @JohnWLewis @shiny_penny @npr Solar can also be supplemented w/wind, wave, & other forms along w/ gd storage #innochat
@JohnWLewis Depends how quickly an improved version comes along. #innochat
@JohnWLewis @shiny_penny In many cases energy could be stored kinetically in water #innochat
RT @JohnWLewis As @bertrandpiccard reminds us: ppl who pretend it is impossible should not interrupt the people who are doing it. #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins .@adhansen @joshmccormack @quickmuse Re "sucking well" - does no one but me embrace the term "experiment"?! #innochat
@JohnWLewis Maybe smaller ones could be daisy-chained to form the wall? and removable to take an extra one w/you in your car? #innochat
@shiny_penny @JohnWLewis @solarimpulse Walgreens & other cos have Tesla charging stations in some cities #innochat
@JohnWLewis @solarimpulse Lots of activity going on in that area, as well. Saw a whole house battery the size of a large laptop #innochat
RT @ariyares: @4byoung @ariyares @JohnWLewis it can double as proof of concept while still having a symbolic role #innochat
RT @adhansen @joshmccormack @quickmuse @Renee_Hopkins need new language. Failure and mistakes are often normal experiment results. #innochat
RT @bryanedwardhill: @4byoung Very true. I think in a sea of functional products, that all work well, finding a self-esteem angle cuts thro…
@joshmccormack @shiny_penny @JohnWLewis Costs are going down & efficiency going way up w/ next gen solar #innochat
RT @joshmccormack @JohnWLewis Big leap projects have some discoveries, but a lot of aspirational benefits. Help us stretch. #innochat
RT @Renee_Hopkins: The word "innovation" is a big-tent word. Diff meanings for diffpeople. Thus, somewhat meaningless unless everyone's on…

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