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Influence is a side effect of being interesting
Apple Watch as a 'sixth sense?"
Scientists mining social media to study collective health feel big data could yield big rewards
9 free analytic tools to measure your content's effectiveness
Like Uber but for shipping stuff: startup Shyp raises $50 million
Four screen TV streaming now available with new device
Attackers switch tactics to gain access to corporate networks
Social media an effective method for physicians to keep up-to-date and to share information
This is where Moore's Law dead ends
Online video grew at 34% rate to $10.9 B globally – on track to double by 2017
Google launches Project Fi mobile phone network
When marketing data is counterintuitive
Probiotics may some day be used to treat depression
Success of wearables requires understanding context in communication patterns
My voice is my passport: Android gets a “Trusted Voice” smart lock
Fighting Ebola with a holistic vision of Big Data
Online trolls just want to have [dark / sadistic] fun
Brands participating in a novel new corporate exercise: the simulated brand crisis
16 tips to innovating even when resources are limited
Industrial 3D printing is at a tipping point

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