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Great tips to turn you into a Twitter Ninja
Sensor technology innovation is enabling Quantified Self
How social media marketing is leveling the food field
Judge rules that owners of Facebook pages don't own their Likes
RT @TampaEDC: Dr. Kevin Snead of @USFCOP & Saru Seshardi of @UMatics will headline Quantified Tampa Bay.
RT @UMatics: Ultramatics is teaming up with USF Health on September 16th at Quantified Tampa Bay.
Latest figures show Samsung is the leading smartwatch brand
Why Amazon is paying $1 Billion to watch video games
Siri prepping its AI so it will do anything you ask ~ Well, almost anything
RT @QuantifiedTPA: Quantified Tampa Bay registration now open - Big Data, sensors, and tech with healthcare #Quantif…
3D printed vertebra used in spine surgery
RT @QuantifiedTPA: Register now! Learn more about the Quantified movement at Quantified Tampa Bay Sept 16 #QuantifiedTPA…
Can we teach bees to make concrete instead of honey?
Now we know- RT @health_box: #FDA meeting confirms #Amazon has something #digitalhealth related up its sleeve
RT @eventifierapp: @health_box #HBXFL is being captured in real time, have a look: CC @ScottHPeeples @4byoung @saral…
5 signs your website needs revamping
Why brands are un-friending Facebook to follow Twitter
Leaked files reveal LinkedIn's $1 billion business plan
Why Silicon Valley billionaires are obsessed with Burning Man
Academics studying viral trends on social media has gone viral itself

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