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Hi experts - if you're seeing this head over to @experticity for all the latest updates. This twitter account is no longer active.
@ADUNN0916 they are no longer with us, sorry about that Andrea.
@NiggaMuffin often they will have that transaction to authorize the purchase, and it will go away in a few days.
@Miss_Em1028 We don't have an eta unfortunately. When it does arrive we'll make sure to promote it on email/social media.
@scutie88 This is now fixed, you should be able to get a code now.
Make sure to follow @experticity. 3point5 is now https://t.co/kJymT5aLMm. See you over there!
Our friends at Columbia Sportswear just posted a dream job (for some). https://t.co/ympf8s6THa Who is applying? https://t.co/NhHvgL0emV
Make sure to follow @experticity for all your expert updates. This account will go quiet very soon. https://t.co/NZIc5TGvjk
@NJWineandBeer @YETICoolers Currently it's live, what store do you work for?
@TweetyBergy @UnderArmour currently we still don't have a fix or an ETA yet. Very sorry about this Mike.
@johnelmmo @UnderArmour We are working on the issue right now, very sorry for the wait.
@ColbySullivan27 We're working on the error as soon as we can. Very sorry for the problem.
@KentAitchison the content is now updated, make sure to re-take the content and you'll get a new code.
3point5 is now @experticity. Login with your 3P5 credentials and enjoy a Spotify playlist: https://t.co/ErX5QZzLNZ https://t.co/Mi2z3xj2UO
@AustinMennen send us an email at support@3point5.com and let us know if your retailer still carries those brands.
@btravvv try the new site experience https://t.co/kJymT5aLMm, you can login with your 3point5 credentials.
Eric Plath's pizza game is on point with the Camp Chef oven. Who else has tried this oven? https://t.co/IzEfMSLSkb
@JKincaid25 still no date set, sorry for the delay.
@willperk15 drop us an email at support@3point5.com and we can review your account.
@willperk15 has your retail affiliation changed recently?

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