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Catch waves in LA or snowflakes in NYC - either way we've got your bases covered with new hot jobs. https://t.co/IyA3FfUUQK
Lessons from #SXSW: To break through the saturated entertainment landscape, aim for immersive experiences. https://t.co/cAKKsPFnIH
.@Google just announced a major change to exact match. Here’s our take on what this will mean for search marketers. https://t.co/8rxVbNoYi8
It seems like influencers are everywhere these days. At the den, we'll teach nonprofits how to best leverage them.… https://t.co/RYBy8z9Tyb
A forward-thinker, risk-taker, rainmaker - congrats to our President @jabelsky on being named to @adage's #40Under40 https://t.co/MyN8hT37as
RT @Adweek: On #StPatricksDay, Jameson is serving up innovative ads via Twitter, Snapchat and Uber: https://t.co/ytXm4YxOzb https://t.co/gE…
RT @bwiener: Inspiring leadership talk by @nytcorneroffice @360i mgmt off-site this morning in sunny Brooklyn Cc: @Pezmeister1 https://t.co…
Stories, tags, & DMs – it’s as if new social jargon pops up daily. We’re helping Chicago nonprofits crack the code. https://t.co/qNYaeClrdu
The new issue of @Adweek tackles the rise of consultancy practices, our @LeeMaicon weighed in.… https://t.co/VEIfNZ6kJh
A trip to Austin wouldn't be complete without a little BBQ 🍗 #SX360i #SXSW https://t.co/EoXSco3Y23
Meet a few of our #SXSW ambassadors - follow their journey throughout the festival on Instagram @360i & Snapchat 's… https://t.co/witOXWkVIQ
GoT fans - are you guys as excited as we are? #client https://t.co/4yUFkx2cJ8
Nonprofits have the greatest need for marketing expertise & face some of the biggest challenges - 'the den' can help https://t.co/xwWSNRAoZH
Lookin good Chicago 👀 keep on reppin #EqualVoices #BeBoldForChange https://t.co/gazekG49nF
Today our #EqualVoices speak for those who can’t. Can we speak for you? #BeBoldForChange #IStrikeFor https://t.co/4lkyRuzjc3
RT @creativitymag: If you can't march on International Women's Day, @360i staffers will do it in your name. https://t.co/e5KiICJeNz https:/…
At 360i we have #EqualVoices so we’ll speak for those who can’t. Join those who have already shared their stories:… https://t.co/EiT4unhTbL
At 360i we have #EqualVoices so we’ll speak for those who can’t. Can we speak for you? #BeBoldForChange https://t.co/2PS6Qu8dtq
Best practices on social are always changing. Our take on Q4? Start shifting towards a "Features First" approach. https://t.co/4cBAktfq6y
Feeling good about spring? Get a jump on the season and apply to one of our monthly hot jobs today. https://t.co/kBcGnw9Mtm

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