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Facebook tackles stock price complaints in first #shareholder meeting http://t.co/1oRW3WlMGs via @2space
Google snaps up Waze to add to #mapping service http://t.co/GPD09iGQbh via @2space
Apple unveils music #streaming service http://t.co/KEDF1blX0S via @2space
Why Is a Defense #Contractor Paying for Sesame Street's Parents-in-Jail Lesson? http://t.co/gpyr1HJh0U via @2space
#Hillary Clinton joins Twitter http://t.co/sof19BDHgH via @2space
Apple revamps look of iPhone, iPad #software http://t.co/xY1m4mgZ0G via @2space
Swedish Princess #Madeleine weds New York banker http://t.co/OKgcY8IpcQ via @2space
How Google and Facebook #Cooperated with the NSA and PRISM http://t.co/0LLYYBYP75 via @2space
New and Improved Facebook and Google #Statements on PRISM Still Have Some Holes http://t.co/ZYbp9Ou2Gt via @2space
Dimon, other Wall St. titans make time for Ma ahead of #Alibaba IPO http://t.co/wVH4vfNpQE via @2space
Google says search, ad data predict Box-Office #performance http://t.co/C9LhttD0Mo via @2space
Facebook pares ad options, #simplifies marketing tools http://t.co/9ah0aYVIFM via @2space
Israeli military plans social media #clampdown http://t.co/XrFYguBLN7 via @2space
Twitter's Jaded Reaction to The NSA's Phone Records #Collection Program http://t.co/37vup8uMV3 via @2space
Long-awaited keyboard #BlackBerrys hit US stores http://t.co/ka1eZLqcjG via @2space
#Spanish police get serious on crime using Twitter jokes http://t.co/ofH9paqkdt via @2space
Analysis: As Facebook grows up, grand #ambitions get reality check http://t.co/M3M5sTi5Vp via @2space
ITC rules for Samsung, bans iPhone 4 #imports http://t.co/3okb96qMZs via @2space
U.S. agency: Apple #infringes Samsung patent on older iPhones, iPads http://t.co/nBnGtbVLy9 via @2space
ITC says Apple #infringes Samsung patent on older iPhones, iPads http://t.co/dc4YaC2K9S via @2space

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