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https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Jade has been used most extensively in China where it has been carved into beads,
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy New Zealand, Mexico and South America.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Ancient artifacts and deity masks were made from jade rock in Central America,
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy on the ground for humans to find and use for protection.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy The Storm God created axes with jade taken from a rainbow and left them lying
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy early humans had no weapons to protect themselves from wild animals.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy The jade was easy to polish and keep sharp. Legend says,
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy It was actually used to make axe heads, knives and weapons in the ancient British Isles.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Jade rock has been used for jewelry, statues and a variety of other items since around 4000 BC.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy for a comprehensive realization of jade powers.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Utilize the various jade powers inherent in different jade colors
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy and office to reap the many jade stone benefits.
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Wear jade jewelry or keep jade statues in the home
https://t.co/1TjiFd31yM via @Etsy Jade is a beautiful and useful green mineral rock that has been highly prized for thousands of years.
Mickey Mouse carved from Lavender Jade by LuvZiT https://t.co/VGxOuDHSjA via @Etsy
https://t.co/pxnDp62MYx via @Etsy It is believed that green turquoise given to a friend will bring good fortune to the friend.
https://t.co/pxnDp62MYx via @Etsy Tibetan turquoise given as a gift to a friend carries yet another turquoise meaning.
https://t.co/pxnDp62MYx via @Etsy protectiveness and fidelity to their partner or lover.
https://t.co/pxnDp62MYx via @Etsy Men and women wear jewelry made with these green turquoise gemstones to signify devotion,
https://t.co/pxnDp62MYx via @Etsy Turquoise stones from China have a green turquoise color.


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