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@lacklusterco whoa! signage galore, bravo on that collection!
Thanks for the #FF @TheArtisansHive & @TinTrunk
@getreadysetgo: we heart you too! you're such a great supporter, upload a link share, we'd love to have you!
@harmonie_park so glad to hear! thank you!
& last but not least! A fresh & improved take on our original Colormatch! Try it here-let us know what you think! http://tinyurl.com/2fbmoyu
Also available: you can now search our heart gallery by shop! http://tinyurl.com/23kmqlb
We've rolled out new features of our site, including a free link share! Share your site/shop/blog button: http://tinyurl.com/25db4lh
We've been busy restocking the shop, read about the update here: http://26olivestreet.com/archives/676 :)
It's been a long time traveling on the EC to visit friends & family. About to jump back on ship at our newly set-up space! Can't wait!
@vinta9eblog great vintage blog you've got, glad you liked our post!
@harmonie_park @bcoller @everyeskimo Thanks! We've not had such big bright space for the shop to play w before so it's a work in progress!
New live/work (eventually showroom!) space: http://twitpic.com/1dzxmp & http://twitpic.com/1dzxot
All unpacked & set up! Socal vs. Nocal so far so good. Alex started his new NASA gig this week & Olive is back in swing!
Off to LA to hunt for a studio space & loft tomorrow!
@dolangeiman (thanks for the plug) i'm sure you guys are fielding compliments left & right from the etsy intvw: well deserved, super great!
@KLTworks & @modern_bird - you're welcome! we're equally loving your work.
Guess where we'll be taking up digs as of 4/1: starts with L and ends in os Angeles.
@WordsAndEggs (a little late - but thank you ever so much!)
#FF! @amaliaversaci @getreadysetgo @alexandrakeller @harmonie_park @tialeyvintage @BirdinHandVTG @cookoorikoo @Art_Directors
Thanks for the RTs @twillypop & @levansphoto - you both do such lovely work!

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