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I just upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 - The professional Twitter client. Please RT! http://hootsuite.com/upgrade
Check out my buddy @jwien33 working over at @slipnslideworld tweeting like a pro! Great example of how to use social media!
It's Friday morning! Things just get better from here! http://ow.ly/3Nbn Stay posted for more information Have a great day and stay healthy!
#TGIF tweeps! Lets kick off this weekend right! http://ow.ly/3NaH Be sure to #stretch A good breakfast Half a grapefruit and Canadian bacon!
Sorry we haven't been around. Been working like crazy to get the site up! http://ow.ly/3JFx We'll be back tomorrow! Enjoy, and Stay healthy!
It's almost 3! Have some fruit now to give your body the energy it needs to keep you going. A pear is a good choice. And they are in season!
#Busy day No time 4 lunch Need to eat A #banana a low fat (white) cheese stick and a handful of #peanuts covers the basics until you can EAT
#Snack time mmm Have an all natural #granola bar for a bit of #energy. Try this one http://ow.ly/3vKP or my #favorite one! http://ow.ly/3vL3
@BobKleppin Sure Bob the website is http://ow.ly/3yrp and a preview of the show here http://ow.ly/3yrB DM me your ill arrange a screening.
Off to #work just got to keep moving. #Humpday is not my favorite Here is one to get you ready to #follow @16ozlb all day! http://ow.ly/3vJq
#Breakfast try turkey #bacon and poached egg I like to add some roasted garlic and just slightly under cook it Goes well w/ the egg this way
Rise and shine tweeps I hoped you stretched last night Its that time again #Flexibility is key during exercise Here you go http://ow.ly/3vC8
@BobKleppin Hey Bob! your products look great. We are currently signing up equipment sponsors for our upcoming show. Interested? Lets talk
Hey guys! Be sure to stretch before going to bed and again in the morning. Don't worry I'll remind you! One for the road, http://ow.ly/3v0E
Hey #healthy people. We hope you enjoy the updates from 16ozlb.com Help us spread the word by voting for us here! http://ow.ly/3rag
#Dinner Hungry? Fill up w/ a nice #steak A top round steak has only 1g more fat than skinless chicken breast and tastes great! Stay #healthy
#Midday blues got you down? Get up and shake your booty and get going http://ow.ly/3pSa Have an orange & dance Vitamin C rocks Stay #healthy
For #lunch today get outside! Eat in a local park Maybe walk there Use Google to fins a park near you http://ow.ly/3pR2 Enjoy, stay #healthy
Hey #healthy people. We hope you enjoy the updates from 16ozlb.com Help us spread the word by voting for us here! http://ow.ly/3rab
#Snack time! #Veggies baby carrots and cauliflower If you need dressing go light try Walden Farms http://ow.ly/3pQd Get it at #Publix Enjoy!

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