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We'll be having an open house party thing this Friday. https://t.co/NKphVTZzsX
If you ever venture over the county line, we'll be at the Lockport Community Market selling a menagerie of creative goods. #farmersmarket
Update logo and portfolio https://t.co/RDj9tUmiLp
Always feel like participating in April Fool's but then I realize that's not my type of humor.
just used the term "deliverables"...ugh
Our new motto - "You should've called us first."
https://t.co/CsyfyaSGxZ #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain #pleasethankyou
totally a mouth breather today #sickatwork
Just made political comment on a ridiculous FB post. Who have I become?! #quittingsoon
Some people are trying to save the world, while I'm just trying to make nice looking Valentine's Day card for my son's Kindergarten class.
Does anyone still use this thing?
"Make it as boring as possible" #clientrequests
I wish Helper Monkeys were a real thing
I've watched this 2 1/2 times. Very informative if you care about your health and what you eat. #meatLess #eatplants https://t.co/0vmlJSpw7x
Happy New Year People of the Internets! Hoping 2016 is equally exciting as 2015. New things are a cookin' over here. Stay tuned.
@buffalocentric I'm a bit older, so after Ren & Stimpy I lost interest. I have a 5yr so rewatching these old ones is interesting.
@buffalocentric very true - https://t.co/DrWTYJrIs7
Is it me or all the cartoons made in the 90's really, really weird?
Work in progress shot from last nights' window drawing at Canvas Salon & Gallery. #buffalo #holiday #illustration https://t.co/2d5To0uU6y
@dangigante cool, thanks!

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We are Matt & Laura, a dynamic duo who create wicked awesome web design, illustration & animation. We also love vintage things, black cats & punk rock!

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