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Fascinating customer service #fail by Marriot | Steve Curtin http://bit.ly/g1jjin (@assistly)
"Customer service... is possibly the single best way to do marketing for startups." @fredwilson http://bit.ly/dKPg7t (@assistly)
Check out how 37 Signals uses Assistly to measure and deliver customer satisfaction http://bit.ly/e7lNjQ (@assistly)
Attention 1000 Markets Artisans, if you sent items to The Queen City Emporium, please contact kzmFACE@gmail.com... http://fb.me/IZ74Nv3c
Attention 1000 Markets Artisans, if you sent items to The Queen City Emporium, please contact me at... http://fb.me/yccOpVKp
Did you know that Bonanza.com is feeding all of your items to Bing and to Google Shopping free of charge? The... http://fb.me/EzCZBaGH
Bonanza is happy to welcome 1000 Markets merchants. To learn how to join Bonanza in a few clicks read our brief FAQ. http://bit.ly/9yHfkR
and now it's complete. Go Bonanza +1KM http://1000markets.com
At 5 PM Pacific Time, 1000 Markets becomes Bonanza. Going, going...
1000 Markets Merchants: Claim your Bonanza account here http://bonanza.com/1000Markets/login
1000 Markets is being acquired by http://bonanza.com - read the TechCrunch article here: http://tcrn.ch/bZ5LHd
Staff Pick: Glorious "spinner" ring from Alaiyna B. Designs. Two separate rings turn independently. http://bit.ly/cNipoG
Everybody, have a wonderful weekend! See you on Tuesday.
Staff Pick: Bargain of the Day -- Handknit sweater with flower for 1-yr-old, periwinkle blue, Beautiful pattern, $19.00 http://bit.ly/9PXDq1
Staff Pick: Reveal your inner geek with this copper cuff bracelet covered in binary code. You can translate the co... http://bit.ly/d0OsOV
Staff Pick: From award-winning jeweler K. Nerato - Starburst earrings. http://bit.ly/bE3qzy
Staff Pick: White Pansy, Oil Pastel on Paper by Beth Stafford-- rich and subtle-- $200 http://bit.ly/9GABmi
Staff Pick: Mini meows on the move in their canvas carrier! Totally non-toxic. http://bit.ly/aEai5z
Staff Pick: Bargain of the Day $35 - Peach rayon plus size top. Elegant and versatile. http://bit.ly/dwWtlm
Staff Pick: Ooh! Pretty gift boxes that can be ordered with a "top knob" for no extra charge. http://bit.ly/aQcvxn

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