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RT @coldplayfrank: Thank you @coldplay @coldplaying @ColdplayAtlas https://t.co/yoKSB4XC9e
RT @coldplay: Here's 'All I Can Think About Is You' - the opening track of the Kaleidoscope EP (song out now, EP out July 14). PH https://t…
RT @AnnetteSpalt: https://t.co/Kl24QHL1Tb
This was a fantastic moment https://t.co/ekuLR4QsX2
RT @Deutschland_BRD: Coldplay holt Fan ans Klavier: Plötzlich 70.000 Zuhörer - „Kann ich Everglow für euch spielen?“ Mehr schrieb Co... htt…
Join the movement. Take action and become a #globalcitizen. https://t.co/bx7RgEySvp
RT @TheMasters: Watch @TheSergioGarcia's final round in under three minutes. #themasters https://t.co/mWV6BMnf0h
RT @BrightTeapot: This is the first design we are selling and more to come #teapotlamp #teapot #lamp #hanginglamp #teatime #tea https://t.c…
RT @homegirllondon: How to make a #teapotlamp https://t.co/jSE0M6dFIA https://t.co/uGGud6NnyZ
@realDonaldTrump explain why you care one second about this.
I just made cheese cake... yummm
Do you ever think, I wish I had more?
Cool new site for tutors http://t.co/ssnpNB1Y
RT @minorwm: Making money in open source: Drupal future looks bright http://t.co/h3JfOiS
RT @Greengamma: Purdue-designed solar-power home will compete in D.C. | Journal ... http://bit.ly/kNF1Lf
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Sir Winston Churchill #quote
Way better than cool (needs Chrome) http://bit.ly/c9uvc0 WOW!
Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never. Winston Churchill #quote
Love comforteth like sunshine after rain. ~ William Shakespeare #quote #love
Helen resigns after saying jews. should "get the hell out of Palestine" http://bit.ly/bzfIhT

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