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@Airtel_Presence do U guys know the definition of the word 'earliest'. It's been bloody 60+ hrs & U still parroting the same since Monday.
@Airtel_Presence Sumit, Sushmit, John, Nazia you can reach us at 0161.434.4000 or 9815918807. Time to wake up your network.
@Airtel_Presence working on what? Another day has passed. The complaint is now open for 80 odd hours and still no redressal. #FAIL
@Airtel_Presence 50+ hours. DSL down in the office. Still No solution. No call. No visit. No estimate time when the issue be fixed. Sad.
#01Synergy #IoT #Solutions Conexión de seres humanos a los objetos físicos https://t.co/X2Ddny0wnm
#01Synergy #IoT #Solutions Connecting Humans to Physical Objects! https://t.co/Tv6tiLn3SV
@Airtel_Presence what? the compliant was filed on Monday July 4th and its July 6th - how long does it take to 'looking into it'?
Hello @Airtel_Presence we have still not heard anything back - and our complaint is still not solved.
@Airtel_Presence more then an hour and still no response - you struggling to find out the issue still?
RT @01SynergyBV: #Cartoon: Thought Process Outsourcing http://is.gd/aSH0f
Of course Nazia! - very upset indeed @Airtel_Presence The DSL is down since past 28+. Kindly get this fixed ASAP. Thank you.
Hello @Airtel_Presence our DSL is down since Monday July 5th 9:00am, complaint number 69772828 and no update yet!
#QOTD https://t.co/ldJmm9692J

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